So glad I met this author so I could embark upon this literary journey. This story was structured so well which made it easy to follow all the twists, and fortunately the plot had many. It reminded me of Lee Child's writing in a lot of ways...just the right amount of action, dialogue and narration to make me not want to sleep and just keep reading on like dreaming wide awake." - Amazon Review

"Another fast and furious novel from Mr. Kregas. This time with a new protagonist and set in 1960s Boston. Plenty of action and some quirky characters make for a very enjoyable read. Looking forwards to next one already." - Amazon Review

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"Murder Thriller, ‘Club Cargo,’ is a royal flush. The author’s plain-spoken and straight-forward storytelling calls a spade a spade in delivering a slice of life in Boston during the Sixties. Friction between the Italian and Irish Mob factions plays a heavy hand in propelling this page-turner." - Amazon Review

Neighborhoods in Boston in during 1960s were in the grip of Irish and Italian gangs. Willie Shine was a young gambler with an ambitious proposal to open a nightclub.


Permission from gangster boss Jack Ross was needed. What could go wrong?? Club Cargo became the in-place to be in Boston until is was attacked in a drive-by shooting. Who was to blame? Who would benefit? Willie was left without knowing who or why as he followed a trail of deception to an unexpected showdown.


An insight into the world of gangsters, gambling, trust, deception, and revenge, written with the slang, the music, and the values of the era.




Jack Kregas was born in New England in the north east of the United States. After a stint in the US Army, he was discharged in Europe and the next forty years were spent skiing and living life to the max as well as creating several successful businesses.


Winters in the Alps and summers windsurfing on Maui, Jack departed Switzerland for Maui full time with his Australian wife and small daughter. After five years he moved the family to Australia and became an Australian Citizen.


Jack now lives in Brisbane and is retired, writing full-time after his very successful autobiography, It’s All About Me and a few others. He plays golf and travels to participate in poker tournaments or promote his dozen books. After three books of short stories, his first novel in two years, CLUB CARGO, is now available.

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