When Adelaide is rocked by an earthquake, no one is left more shaken than David Burrows.


A recently completed apartment building suffers severe structural damage and collapses, leaving 26 people dead and countless injured. The building should never have collapsed and sparks a furor of condemnation by the press and public alike.
David receives an alarming phone call from Alice Springs where the steel used in the construction was manufactured and the race is on across the country to uncover the truth. As the plot unravels we learn that the failure of the structure is the result of something far more sinister. The truth would scuttle a highly lucrative sale to the Chinese and those involved in the cover-up hire Mick Venter, a ruthless freelance mercenary, to take care of the ‘problem’.
When David unwittingly enlists Mick to help him search for the missing proof, the scene is set for a climatic ending in an abandoned mine deep in the outback. The story brings a healing of fractured relationships and takes us from Adelaide to Hong Kong to Alice Springs, highlighting the lengths people go to in order to covet their vested interests and how morals become clouded by Greed.


Colour of Greed won Gold in the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards for best fiction in Australia and New Zealand.





Gavin grew up in Paarl, in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, an area renowned for its scenic beauty and viticulture. Whether it was the scenery, drinking his parents’ wine on the sly, or being surrounded by the smell of fresh ink and the hum of his father’s printing presses—or all of the above—Gavin felt strangely inspired to start writing when he was twelve years old.


“My father gave me this old Underwood Standard. I’ll never forget it. It had a sticky ‘s’ key that would periodically instigate a maul of type hammers and shredded ribbon.” Gavin went on the study Architecture and ran a practice in South Africa before emigrating along with his family, to Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s there that he started taking up writing seriously and began work on his debut novel, Colour of Greed.


In 2008 he moved to the Gold Coast, Australia where he joined the Gold Coast Writers Association, serving as its president. Colour of Greed went on to receive the Gold award for best fiction in Australia and New Zealand at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2013. “Writing can be an arduous and lonely journey. It is important to surround yourself with family and fellow writers who can support you along the way.”


Gavin still lives on the Gold Coast, working on his next thriller. A proud husband, father and grandfather.

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