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"I really enjoyed this fun, fast-paced read. The briliant, bumbling characters kept me engaged and guessing. While the book could hugely profit from a good editing, it is readable and enjoyable the way it is. thanks, Hettie!" - Amazon Review

"A great real book on buying your first boat when you know nothing. Be it boats, caravans, tree change or sea change, the learning curve can be amazing.
Amusing and often laugh out loud funny. This is the tale of Mr and Mrs Everysailor and the things that happen are exactly what does happens. Including the good bits, that make the cruising life so addictive.
Not just for sailors but this book should by all people considering purchasing a boat." - Amazon Review


"A nice, very humorous look into life in the outback of Straya. The language will be familiar to anyone who has read about or watched movies about life in Australia, but some of the more subtle nuances take longer to catch. If you live in, or love true rural America, this book will give you the knowledge to understand that real people are the same around the world. It's a rippa!" - R.W Galloway

"I have a healthy ego, a fertile imagination which combined with a robust work ethic make me a well rounded individual. As the proud possessor of an enlarged funny bone I'm bound to say it has a marked influence on my writing style and my life in general."


Hettie Ashwin has been widely published in magazines, on the radio and on-line. Her writing includes humorous column style articles, short stories and novels. She also has had some of her short stories included in anthologies in UK, USA and Australia. Hettie has won several writing competitions for novels, short stories and flash fiction. She has 18 books to her credit.


Humour is her genre, but there is more than one string to her bow.

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