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Antipodes is a unique work of fiction, set in present-day post-apocalyptic Australia.

Aimed at young adults who are disillusioned with our world, and concerned for the ecological future of our planet, Antipodes focuses on the values our society lacks-sustainability, inclusion, community and friendship.

Cam Mackintosh is in his last year of a science degree at Melbourne University when he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to help establish an entirely sustainable community on an island off the coast of Australia following a deadly outbreak. The community is presented with a clean slate; a completely new eco-village, protected from the outside world, but with much of the knowledge and technology of today.

The community on August Island thrives and is established on modern values of gender equality and cultural inclusion. In their second year, Will overcomes his personal challenges and finds love with Freyja. Life is idyllic until Freyja goes missing. Will follows her to Scotland using Antipodes, an ancient secret, referenced by many cultures throughout history. There he connects with sustainable community on the island of Lewis, much like his own.

Strangers become friends, and he realises he has found his forever home, the place where he is genuinely "of the land". His new friends include Fraser, who shares his passion for sustainable agriculture and Laetitia, a psychologist turned teacher with a challenging past. Despite his contentment, his loyalty and commitment to Freyja continue to haunt him, and Will travels outside the protection of the communities in search of Freyja and other communities like theirs.

This book will appeal to readers who enjoy the environment-centred work of Margaret Atwood such as Oryx and Crake, or work by Piers Torday, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Sarah Crossan's Breathe.

Praise for Antipodes -

"Don’t miss out on a story that is exciting and entertaining. I didn’t want to put it down once I started it. I highly recommend reading it." - Amazon Review.

"I loved reading the book Antipodes by T.S. Simons. It is a story that has mystery and romance. It is set in a present-day post-Apocalyptic Australia. The book is wonderfully detailed, and I felt like I was right there with the characters." - Amazon Review.

"This book talks alot about environmental situations and what goes into building an eco friendly community. I learned a little bit when reading this book and I am happy I picked it up. I highly recommend this book." - Amazon Review.

About The Author

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T.S. Simons is an Australian based author of Scottish heritage. Living in the alpine region of Australia, she believes in the values of sustainability and community in a world where we place greater value on possessions than people.

The Antipodes series addresses the question--if we gave young people the opportunity to start over, would we replicate the mistakes of the past? Her desire to assist others saw her working in international development before realising that her passion lay in education. She holds a Bachelor and Master's degree from Monash University and enjoys travelling, mythology, snow skiing, and attempting to live as sustainably as possible.

She is owned by two rather bossy standard schnauzers and two cats who co-manage her household. The novella prequel, Crossroads is now available. Antipodes is the first main novel in the Antipodes series, followed by The Liminal Space and Ouroboros. She is working on a fifth novel in this series, Caim.

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