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Sometimes traditions shouldn't be forgotten. 

Going back to their Gaelic roots, the community entrusts their safety to the circle of protection the Caim provides. As it envelops them, Freyja and Cam are blissfully happy. Living with their family and friends in their isolated community on Lewis, they finally feel safe and content. But when old acquaintances arrive with shocking news, they leave their safety behind as they try to learn the truth of why they were chosen, and what diabolical plans the scientific communities have designed, just for them...  

Love, loyalty, and friendships are tested in this thrilling fourth instalment of the Antipodes series.

About The Author

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T.S. (Tanya) Simons is an Australian author of Scottish heritage. Living in the alpine region of Australia, she believes in the values of sustainability and community in a world where we place greater value on possessions than people. 

The Antipodes series addresses the question—if we gave young people the opportunity to start over, would we replicate the mistakes of the past?  

She holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from Monash University, and enjoys strong coffee, travelling, mythology and snow skiing, while attempting to live as sustainably as possible. She is owned by two rather bossy standard schnauzers and two rescue cats who co-manage her household.  

The Antipodes series comprises Antipodes, The Liminal Space, Ouroboros and Caim. The fifth in this series, Sessrumnir, will be released in late 2021.

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