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The Guyra Ghost remains one of the most famous paranormal events to happen in Australia. 

In early April 1921, a series of strange, unexplained events began to happen in the small town of Guyra, New South Wales. Stones were thrown at a house, seemingly from nowhere, the walls rocked with bangs and thuds and a young woman claimed to speak to her dead sister. 

But was it a ghost? What did haunt the Bowen family? 

This book also covers the reaction of a country, the media, the stage plays and parodies, the attacks and the now lost movie that was made about the hauntings, in the Bowen house, while the haunting was actually happening. 

More importantly, this book names, for the first time, the most likely suspect for the source of the stone throwing, the failed attacks on Minnie Bowen and the reasons why. Read about a mad rapist who lived in the Guyra area at the time, and where he fits into the story. 

The Guyra Ghost Mystery might never be solved, but this book, Hunting The Guyra Ghost, sheds new light on a near 100-year-old event.

About The Author

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Daniel Best is the author of several books, including Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life, Gentleman Jim Mooney, The 1955 Romance Comics Trials, The Exploitation of Nancy, Newton Comics: The Rise and Fall and The Strange Strange Story of Phillip Wearne.  

He is also the author of the acclaimed eBooks The Trials of Superman Vol I and Vol II and The Epic (Annotated) Life Story of Keith Chatto.

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