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Optimism, resilience, audacity, hope, surviving daily challenges for themselves and those they love - carers embody all of these qualities.

Cheryl Koenig’s fifth book, a memoir, deals with all those human qualities necessary to not only survive a life-threatening diagnoses and a subsequent insidiously painful disease, but to thrive in spite of them.

Cheryl’s is a story about never giving up, nor giving in. Most importantly, however, it is a love story that knows no limits. It is the sequel to her fourth book, With Just One Suitcase, where she met her soulmate, Rob, at fifteen and is still happily married to him after a turbulent life where hers, and her eldest son’s mortality was questioned.

With her fearless spirit, Cheryl reveals the mindset that helped her survive, along with some courageous admissions regarding her perceived character flaws. But despite her frankness in discussing life after blood cancer, she is not a victim. Indeed, many of time’s greatest achievements are unknown to others. 

The world is full of unknown achievers who have found a way to stay hopeful despite being fractured on life’s battlefields. They each demonstrate that the path of a champion lies within. They each are resilient.

‘For everything each life crisis has taken from us, something of greater value has been given. Ultimately the choice belongs to us, not fate, to determine how we respond to trials; to determine our own quality of life,’ Cheryl says.

In My Blood is her inspirational response.

About The Author

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Cheryl Koenig is a Sydney-based writer and motivational speaker.

She was named 2009 NSW Woman of the Year for her fundraising and community work and in 2014 received the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to people with disabilities, their families and carers.

Her involvement within the disability sector arose out of caring and advocacy for her son who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. That story was beautifully captured in her award-winning third book PAPER CRANES – A Mother’s Story of Hope, Courage & Determination.

Her fourth book – With Just One Suitcase – is Cheryl’s homage to her father, Frici, and her father-in-law, Istvan - and her belief in the importance of history to understanding ourselves.

Her books have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, India, with a short story published in the USA.

They each contain recurring themes of hope, inner-strength and resilience, and how these qualities affect one’s endurance and even survival.

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