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What do you do when your one night stand wants to see you again? 

He’s too hot for words and totally not my type. But he appears out of the blue, and asks to meet for coffee in exchange for a surprise. How can I resist? 

Dating Mr one-and-done is not an option. He’ll only break my heart and I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I need to get my life together before finding someone. But he’s charming and cocky and somehow we’re drawn together. 

It’s just a little fling though. A late spring fling. Some mutual fun before we both move on. No getting hurt. No catching feelings. I can do this! 

But what happens when summer comes?

About The Author

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Dee Florence is a contemporary romance novel fan-turned-author who started writing romance as a way to get through her first gloomy winter in a new city, during a pandemic. 

She writes fun and steamy romances to lose yourself in. She lives for adventures, mentoring, bold colours and anything fruity themed. She adores the romance genre—and her kindle—and is always looking to share her book recommendations with anyone who will listen. 

She currently lives by the beach in Adelaide, Australia.

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