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The human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity takes centre stage in The Unexpected Heiress. 

This enthralling family saga follows one man’s journey from the horrors of a Polish concentration camp to the top of the Forbes Australia rich list.  Author George Mallory introduces readers to protagonist Abe Silver, who arrived in the lucky country with literally only a shirt on his back. 

Fast forward and he is the founder and the majority owner of multi-billion-dollar gold mining conglomerate, Poisson Gold Limited. In a twist of fate, Abe’s galloping terminal cancer forces him to disinherit the son he has groomed as his successor and thrust the management of colossal riches to his daughter Ellie. Shocked Ellie, a budding lawyer busy building her own career, promises to execute Abe’s wishes. Being the ‘chosen one’ unveils a toxic legacy of ambition, betrayal, and buried secrets in a deeply dysfunctional family.   

As a grieving daughter, Ellie grapples with her newfound responsibilities. She confronts the opposition of her family, the constraints of the glass ceiling, and her deeply hidden secret – her sexuality.  

Set against the iconic backdrop of Sydney Harbour in 2010, a time of scarce LGBTQ+ acceptance, Ellie's journey adds a poignant layer of complexity to this riveting ‘rags to riches’ tale.

About The Author

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Meet George Mallory, a storyteller illuminating the human experience. Born in Serbia of Russian parents, George immigrated with his parents to Australia. He went to Lithgow High and then pursued an engineering degree at UNSW in Sydney. 

While working for a multinational company, both in Sydney and the USA, his love for literature, kindled in childhood, eventually led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. Drawing on his love of creative writing and blissfully unaware of the complexity of the process, George sat down and wrote a 300,000-word historical novel.  

His protagonist in that first manuscript was Russian and one of the early female surgeons battling for recognition in a man’s world. George is still revising and editing this magnum opus that will see print one day. 

Two more books later, he embarked on what is now his favourite project – an Australian family saga, The Unexpected Heiress. George’s years as a corporate manager alerted him to social prejudices in general, and discrimination in particular. It provided the fuel to tackle these issues in his writing. 

Through his novels, he hopes to inspire people to examine these topics, while enjoying a good read. His multicultural background offers a unique perspective that enriches the tapestry of his narratives.

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