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Episode 45

Episode 45 is here and that means rediscovering our inner child... Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they delve into growing neurons and jazz, the possibility of bridging together two worlds, book news including the latest website listings as well as a surprise chat with Belinda M Grant about her upcoming Twitter event, #RomComMarch. And we have a truly wonderful interview with fabulous children's nonfiction author Lisa Forsythe!


When did you first admit that you were a writer? 

Only when I self-published the book in March 2021

What was your favourite book as a child?

Anything by Enid Blyton.

What inspired you to write/this book/these books?

Last year (2020) was challenging for many families. In March Spain, along with many other countries, went into lockdown. We were confined to our apartment with an almost 2-year-old.

Suddenly, I needed to entertain my toddler all day long whilst making sure I offered a variety of activities and physical exercise while cooped up in an apartment. I drew on my experience as a primary school teacher to create play-based activities to engage my son whilst ensuring he was developing holistically. I started an Instagram page, @simpletoddleractivities to share some of the activities we were doing with friends and family to offer activity ideas if they needed them. Then, it became something to keep me sane during that challenging time.

Finally, it grew into something much larger, a community of people who shared ideas and provided each other with play inspirations. 

Throughout this journey, I realized parents wanted some inspiration for play-based activities to keep their toddlers busy whilst giving them the best start in life. Being a primary school teacher and parent, I wanted to use my teaching expertise to create simple activity ideas that are attainable for other parents and yet achievable for their toddlers.

Why do you think listeners should read your book/s?

Playtime with parents is important. Children crave time with parents as it makes them feel loved, appreciated, and supported. In the future, it allows them to feel comfortable sharing their problems and concerns with you.

When you play with your child, you are connecting with them and enhancing their well-being. You model skills such as sharing, negotiating, conflict resolution, sportsmanship, reasoning, and effort. Children are always watching and learning from those around them, especially their parents. So, through play, children have the chance to emulate what they see and practice a wide range of skills. As a parent, joining in children’s play allows you to extend their learning, develop their coping skills and establish a deep bond with them. Hence, you create beautiful life-long memories together.

Is there a message in your book/books/writing?

 I want parents to feel empowered to try a range of different activity ideas with their toddlers.

How much research is involved in your writing? 

For activity ideas, I´m inspired by the resources we have (recyclables), interests of my son or World day…. I draw upon my teaching background and then I need to do further research. A lot of time goes into completing the activities with my son to ensure that a toddler can do the activity.

Where do you write? 

I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I write wherever and whenever my son is napping, evenings or on weekends. Having a toddler home fulltime since the pandemic began over a year ago doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time.

What’s your favourite writing food and drink? 

Chocolate and sparkling water.

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