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If you're an Australian or Indigenous author looking to expand the promotion of your book (or books!) then you've come to the right place. Rather than hosting your book for sale, Australian Book Lovers is a directory that lists your book information and guides interested readers to the purchase location of your choice!


We also host an ever growing collection of short stories and poetry spanning all genres. So if you're an Australian or Indigenous author who would like to promote their work to a story loving audience then look no further!


Listing your book, short story or poetry is absolutely free! Simply select your submission choice below, fill out our simple form, and we'll take care of the rest. 

We support creative humans and do not accept AI generated stories or books on this website.

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Publishing Rights & Legal Disclaimer

By submitting a literary title, description, and its associated artwork to Australian Book Lovers Basic Website Listing, you acknowledge that you own all publishing rights to the nominated work or hold legal permission from the author/copyright holder to promote the nominated work and images. If you are not the named author, please attach a copy of the legal permission from the author to promote their work.


Australian Book Lovers does not assume ownership of any literary submission and at no stage will host actual book content unless part of a separate hosting agreement. Free Basic Website Listings are for cover art, short and long descriptions, purchase links, author bio, and social media links only. The author and/or copyright holder maintains all ownership rights at all times.

Australian Book Lovers will never seek financial compensation for Basic Website Listings and authors can remove their listings at any time by contacting Australian Book Lovers at

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