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Supporting Australian Book Lovers

Australian Book Lovers is passionate about promoting fantastic Australian authors to book lovers across the globe! 
Now you can wear our brilliant and unique Aussie animal genre mascots yourself, or get them printed on a huge range of merch. 
If you write it or read it, we have a genre for you to explore. 
Let’s Read More Aussie Books and share the love for amazing Australian authors.

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Our Store

We've chosen to partner with Red Bubble - another Aussie endeavour - so we support more indie designers.

Below are a selection of things you can choose from. We have over 60 designs that you can add to 70-80 different products over on the Red Bubble store site. 

We'd love to see the merch out and about in the community or at your desk. Send us a photo or post it on your socials. Enjoy!

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Simply visit our store, choose your favourite genre, let the world know whether you're a reader or an author and then pick the apparel of your choice. It's that easy! There's different colours, styles and sizes to choose from, so why not put together a book loving fashion collection?

Whether it's a gift for yourself or for someone else, you'll find a huge range of super fun ideas celebrating the love of books in our store. From baseball caps to water bottles, backpacks to pillows and everything in between, simply select an item of choice then apply your favourite genre or logo!

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