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There's magic to be found in dragon filled lands where fantasy becomes a vivid reality.

Explore exotic worlds and sweeping adventures in this fantastic selection of spell driven tales sure to ignite your imagination!


Modern day stories offer emotions, imaginations and heartfelt characters that reflect the themes and challenges of the times we find ourselves in.

Dive into our Contempary Fiction collection and discover new ways to see the world around us...


The stars are only the beginning...

Activate the hyper drives and navigate your ship through this futuristic selection of Science Fiction splendour! A frantic galaxy of intergalactic space operas is awaiting your command...


Light the candles, lock the doors and delve into a heart pulsing collection of horror novels and anthologies guaranteed to keep your fear electric!

If it's nightmares you're looking for, you've come to the right place...


They say crime doesn't pay and passions of the heart can lead us astray, but these nail biting Mysteries and Thrillers will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Whether it's cold blooded murder, out of control emotions or intricate plans to obtain power at any cost, you'll find something special here to unravel...


A subtle glance. A flutter of the heart. The first magical touch that reaches deep into your soul... but is love ever so simple?

Let our Romance library sweep you from your feet and set fire to your deepest, most passionate desires.


Allow your imagination to be swept back in time with intriguing and captivating tales from our Historical Fiction collection.

Here you can rediscover the romance, challenges and adventures of life from eras now passed...

biography v5.png

Reflections of journeys through life are memory filled treasures for the soul, and in our Biography & Memoirs selection you'll find stunning stories ready to inspire and invigorate the yearning to learn more about our place in the world...


Knowledge is a powerful gift that can inflame our passions for the world around us, so let our Non Fiction selection guide you to new and wonderful discoveries...


Expand the boundaries of imagination and understanding with our Indigenous collection, where you'll find spectacular titles by amazing authors that carry the spirit of the original custodians of this vast, beautiful land...

aussie tales.png

From scorched dusty plains to the lush green of rainforests, from sun soaked beaches to snow capped mountains, here you'll find tales and adventures that can only happen in a country called Australia. 

young adult.png

Dive into our Young Adult collection and be carried away by stunning stories where adventure, romance, fantasy and mystery is only the beginning...

middle grade.png

Bring wonder and imagination to growing minds with fun and adventurous tales from our Middle Grade collection!


Learning to read is truly a gateway to magic, creativity and imagination.

Ignite a light of wonder in your child's eyes with the fun stories and colourful illustrations waiting for you in our Children's library!


A little bit of laughter can go a long, long way! Let our collection of Aussie Humour help you light up the room with a smile and a well deserved chuckle...

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