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Welcome to our Young Adult collection, where you'll find spectacular titles by amazing authors ready to ignite the imaginations of curious minds...

The Girl who broke the world front cover.jpg

Do humans deserve a second chance after reaching the world's resource limits, decimating the forests and destroying the earth that has given them life? Find out in book one of the magical YA Rim Walker series.

In 2032, the world as we know it is no more. The earth sighs in relief as billions are stripped from her surface. Very few humans survive. From the ashes of the old earth, a new world arises. A world of magic, shapeshifters, earth guardians - and a new humanity. A world where nothing and no-one are as they seem, including the 18-year-old hunter Zemira Creedence. Her powers can break this new world, or save it from a new threat that is emerging. One far more dangerous than any human.

Will Zemira fall prey to the same darkness within her, or will she defeat this new menace that now threatens everyone and everything?

Edwards Cat.ThreeCats,aMagicalLegacy.AndaDog Book3 copy.jpeg

The Edward’s Cat Trilogy continues with this third book where the bullies ramp up their vendetta against the geeks, specifically, Logan and Jack.

Donovan and Parker wreak more havoc after they join a gang of petty thieves and older career criminals giving them the confidence to keep bullying.

Edward and Noel, Logan’s and Jack’s fathers come to the rescue when the bullying becomes too much.

The Crow's Heart Cover.jpg

"I see how it ends... I will be alone..."


The Tiger’s Eye is secure, and Timothy is trapped inside the Serpent’s Kiss. The shadows of the past finally seem to be behind Tracey Masters.  

Hot off the heels of victory, Tracey and her friends waste no time in pursuing a lead on the fourth Stone of Power. However, that lead, her uncle’s client, takes them across land and sea, to a mansion from an older age … the very same that the Sect of Six lived in. When they arrive, the client mysteriously cannot be reached.  

Working under the guise of actors on the newest Prince Henry film, Tracey has a limited amount of time on this so-called getaway to find the fourth stone, find out what happened to Uncle Donny’s client, and to save her crush’s sister, all while avoiding the ire of their at-odds chaperones. No pressure!  

If that wasn’t worrying enough, the group of Mage-kind and Norm teens are attached by a monstrous entity on their way to England. With Timothy silently locked away in his own Stone of Power, suspicions turn inward, with clues pointing toward the very council that oversees Mage-kind.  


Shadows may be in the past, but there is a devil in their midst.

The Tiger's Eye.jpg

"Remember the lost…"


Tracey Masters is ready to train harder, dig deeper, and get more in touch with the magic that is pulsing inside of her. She has faced the threat of the shadow, and it nearly consumed her.
With the help of her family and close friends, Tracey overcame the darkness and now realizes just how hard being a Mage-kind teenager really is. She won't be caught off-guard again. Clawing at the edges of her mind—of her memories—she senses a new evil encroaching.
As Tracey sets off in search of the other Stones of Power, she continues to wrestle with questions about her past. Racing to discover who she really is, Tracey must decide how far she is willing to go to protect her family and friends.


What cost—what sacrifice—is she willing to pay in order to find herself, locate the other stones, and break an ancient curse that is destroying generations of family history?




Beware! Something is after Tracey Masters, a Mage-kind teen in a mostly non-magical world—a world where people like Tracey are often feared, and oppressed. Add to this stress a crazy family life, the schizo pressures of school, friends, and bullies, and working a boring job as an assistant at her uncle’s detective agency for magical types, and life isn’t just hard, it’s chaos!
That is, until a mysterious woman walks through the door with a case about a missing necklace known as the Butterfly Stone.


The magic within the Butterfly Stone is too powerful to be contained, but if Tracey doesn’t learn how to control it, and escape the threat of the shadow that surrounds it, she could lose everything and everyone she cares about … beginning with her younger sister, Sarah.

Invisible Boys.jpg

In a small town, everyone thinks they know you:

Charlie is a hardcore rocker, who’s not as tough as he looks. Hammer is a footy jock with big AFL dreams, and an even bigger ego. Zeke is a shy over-achiever, never macho enough for his family.
But all three boys hide who they really are.

Invisible Boys (Fremantle Press, 2019) is Holden Sheppard's multi-award winning debut novel. A raw, confronting upper YA novel, it tackles homosexuality, masculinity, anger and suicide with a nuanced and unique perspective.

ShadowECGFront (1).jpg

At seven, almost eight, Keene can't understand what's wrong with Mum.


She lies in bed in the spare room, wasting away, even though she's hooked up to a bag that is meant to make her feel better. Dad describes Mum's illness like 'a darkness inside her'. But Keene's sure something else is responsible.
He's sure it's the shadow that's killing her.
So Keene decides to go on an adventure into the bush with just his Border Collie, Bunch, in tow - an adventure that he's sure will save Mum. But even Keene is not prepared for the dangers he faces.

The Shadow in the Wind is a story of adventure and magical realism as Keene deals with and learns to reconcile events he's too young to fully understand.

SongoftheCurlewBlueFront (1).jpg

Dreams mean nothing unless you have the courage to pursue them.


Luke Miggs wants more than what small-town life can offer – the grind of chores on the family farm, playing footy, and drinks with friends. Like maybe doing something about his crush on Amanda Hunt, a barmaid at the local who’s smart, funny, and ambitious. Or playing footy in the big league. At eighteen, it can’t be too late, can it?
There are the Ravens, at least, although the team’s little more than battlers. If only they could take their footy seriously, like the reigning champions, the Little Reach Scorpions. Under their tyrannical coach, Claude Rankin, the Scorpions have dominated the competition for ten years. It seems nothing will be different this season. But when Adam Pride emerges from the night and tells the Ravens he wants to play for them, everything begins to change.

Pride is a story of friendship and bonds and coming of age, and how the choices of our past can come back to shape our future.


I don’t get this.


I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m fifteen! And in Year 10! I should be thinking about the way Samantha keeps looking at me, nursing that crush she’s had on me since primary school. Or about Gabriella, who’s so cool and seems interested. Or the Boland Fellowship, an award given out for academic excellence that everybody thinks I could win. Or about my best friend Ash, and the way he’s sullen about his arguing parents, or our friend Riley, who’s becoming a bigger and bigger troublemaker, although we don’t know why.
But when I wake up one night, terrified, it starts a journey of trying to find out what’s wrong. I can’t go to Mum and Dad. We don’t talk about things like this. And kids at school would make fun of me if they knew. So it’s scurrying around like nothing’s wrong, while everything’s coming apart.

I don’t get this. 

2016-467 eBook Madeleine D Este COLLECTION 1-4.jpg

Mystery and mayhem, gadgets and ginger biscuits, high kicks and high tea, mesmerism and monsters in steampunk Melbourne.


Join Evangeline on her first four adventures with the Alchemist, the Bunyip, the Spiritualist and the Mysterious Lights - four fun and delightful novellas together in one collection.
Evangeline is a seventeen year old reformed urchin and acrobat, settling into a new life with her long lost father, Professor Caldicott. Life is comfortable in Marvellous Melbourne, but learning to be a lady is awfully dull. Until...
Evangeline and the Alchemist - Gold is turning dull overnight. Who is swindling the good people of Melbourne with fake gold? Evangeline and the Bunyip - Melbourne is under threat from a fearsome Bunyip. Can Evangeline catch the beast and win the reward? Evangeline and the Spiritualist - A famous spiritualist moves next door, causing a scandal in the neighbourhood. Is she a charlatan or is she the real thing? Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights - Strange lights appearing in the night sky and rumours are running wild. Who, or what, could be responsible?

The Antics of Evangeline is a collection of steampunk mystery-adventure novellas set in 1880s Melbourne.

2018-1226-Madeleine-D'Este b01.jpg

Nominated for an Australian Shadow Award for Best Novel 2019.


Mysterious disappearances, a battle for the spotlight and nightmares. It’s just another day at Beacon Hill High School. Auditions for Macbeth are over, and on the bus ride home, a mysterious driver gives sixteen-year-old Violet and her friends’ three strange predictions:
One of the girls will shine like a star. One will invite darkness into her breast. One will depart forever.
Please, how cliché. Besides, Violet clearly knows that she’s the star. But when she isn’t cast as Lady Macbeth and strange things begin to unfold, and the predictions begin to come true, Violet can’t help to wonder which one will apply to her. Determined to be the one that will shine like a star, Violet will do whatever it takes to get the leading role – no matter the consequence.

Modern-day Shakespeare meets supernatural mystery with this nail-biting young adult horror by Madeleine D’Este.


Tulips for Breakfast is set in Amsterdam during the Second World War, from the arrival of the German army to liberation.


For much of this time, Adelena lives in hiding in the home of her music teacher. Her Jewish parents, who fled pre-war Germany with Adelena, have left her in the care of someone else in the belief their only child's chances of survival are greatest if she can remain in hiding for as long as it takes to be free again. Adelena feels abandoned but finds a way to adjust, her heart warmed by memories.


A powerful and relatable tale of life, death, friendship and the ability of the human spirit to both endure and transcend evil.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 162756.png

It’s 1543 and English teenager Daniel Marlowe has been thrown into a harrowing first contact situation.


Separated from his diplomat father by a shipwreck, he's stranded in a Japan torn by vicious inter-clan warfare. Spies, deserters and masterless warriors are everywhere.

Kenji, a warlord’s son, has an equally dire problem. He’s fled an obligation with a stain on his honour and must get home despite roaming bandits and clashing armies waiting in his path.

Courageous orphan Otsu, born of samurai blood and forced to flee her commoner hosts, has her own chilling secret, linked to the weird doll called Chiyo that she carries inside her kimono.

Fated to become ‘tomodachi’ -friends- these three young travellers are also destined for dangerous adventures as they cross a beautiful land haunted by the shadow of the sword.


When Dark Roots Hunt by Zena Shapter RGB (1).jpg

Don’t go out onto the lake. Wyann trees search the shallows to spear passing prey with their roots. Giant water-ants hunt anything that moves on the water-skin...


Sala’s village survives hidden behind a wall of poisonous ivy, because everyone agrees: don’t go out onto the lake. But then a strange comet crosses the night sky, throwing Sala and her pet pointer into a race through wyann-infested swampland that has her risking it all, unearthing long-hidden truths and stirring rivalries into a terrifying conflict set to change the world of Palude forever.

Sala must do whatever it takes to face the truth of who she is: to save her village, to save her family, to save herself. If only they had listened.

Edward's Cat2 front cover_24.10.23.jpg

This is book two of the Edward's Cat Trilogy.


Logan, Edward’s son he has with his magical wife, Sally, is also bullied at school. Being able to transform into a Maine Coon cat helps Logan to fight the bullies. Along with his almost cousin, Chloe, who transforms into a Ragdoll cat and Jack, his friend who transforms into a Jack Russell dog, Logan has help in his quest to rid schools of bullies.
Along with his group of geeks, he continues the good work his father did where all schools now have a ‘no tolerance’ rule to bullying. With enough to worry about at school, Logan also worries about his father being bullied at the A-Alliance, the secret magical society where his family are members.
A tear-away group want Edward ousted from the society because he wasn’t born a magical, Edward inherited his sister Milly’s magic when she passed away. This is something Logan doesn’t want to happen because he can’t imagine attending the A-Alliance without his father.


This magical realism story is for young adult readers from ten years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic. 

Edward's Cat_21.11.22B.jpeg

Edward's Cat is a young adult (YA) novella about a teenage boy who can transform into a cat.


Even though his twin sister had the power before she died and was able to control it, Edward has no control over how or when he transforms. When Milly, Edward's twin, passes away, her power is bestowed onto her brother. This is a magical realism tale of growing up, learning about yourself, and becoming the person you want to be.

See how Edward and his mother deal with their grief and how Edward uses the power of Milly the Cat to exact revenge against his bullies at school.


Dragons of Dusk and Dawn is the latest masterpiece by the legendary Simon Higgins, Aussie author of 15 previous titles.


Wei. Linguist turned military adviser. Raised among the intellectual elite of China's mighty Tang Dynasty. He sees warfare as life's cruellest certainty, a necessary evil that must be mastered to ensure survival. Victory calls for study, planning and the application of science.
Einarr. Scandinavian raid chief. A tenacious, formidable product of resilient Viking society. To his kind, battle is destiny's call to riches and glory. A chance to defeat life's harsh realities through conquest and plunder, to enter the songs of men, the feasting halls of the gods. Their cultures lie at opposite ends of the world. They are the dragons of dusk and dawn.

Yet Einarr and Wei are fated to be adversaries in a monumental clash — ferocity and cunning against methodical strategy, with the future of a vulnerable kingdom hanging in the balance.


Erin is looking forward to Schoolies, at least she thinks she is... but her plans are going awry.

She's lost her job at Surf Shack after an incident that clearly was not her fault, and now she's not on track to have saved enough money. Her licence test went badly, which was also not her fault- she followed the instructor's directions perfectly. And she's missing her brother, Rudy, who left almost a year ago. But now that she's writing letters to him, some things are beginning to make sense.

Kay Kerr's Please Don't Hug Me depicts life on the cusp of adulthood - and on the autism spectrum - and the complexities of finding out and accepting who you are and what's important to you.


Zoe Kelly is starting a new phase of her life.

High school was a mess of bullying and autistic masking that left her burnt out and shut down. Now, with an internship at an online media company-the first step on the road to her dream writing career-she is ready to reinvent herself.
But she didn't count on returning to her awkward and all-too-recent high-school experiences for her first writing assignment...

A funny and insightful Own-Voices novel about an autistic teen who realises she's been missing all the signs when it comes to her romantic life.

Bunker 10.jpg

Beneath Pinewood research facility is Bunker 10 holding the two most dangerous creatures on earth.


A little girl and a mouse... And they’ve escaped.
Now seven brilliant teenagers battle increasingly bizarre and horrific dangers, trapped in an experimental underground research facility that is descending into chaos.

Winner of the Royal Mail Award. Short-listed for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize, The Angus Book Award, the South Lanarkshire Book Award, The RED Award, the Stockport Book Prize and the Adaptable Prize.


From the author of the much-loved It Sounded Better In My Head comes a deliciously entertaining new rom-com, set in a run-down student share house in Melbourne.


Eighteen-year-old Brooke is the kind of friend who not only remembers everyone’s birthdays, but also organises the group present, pays for it, and politely chases others for their share. She’s the helper, the doer, the guarder-of-drinks, the minder-of-bags, the maker-of-spreadsheets. She’s the responsible one who always follows the rules—and she plans to keep it that way during her first year of university.
Her new share house is rules-lite. But ‘no unnecessary drama’ means no fights, tension, or romance between housemates. When one of her housemates turns out to be Jesse, her high-school nemesis, Brooke is nervously confident she can handle it. But it turns out Jesse isn’t so easy to ignore…

Channelling the screwball comedy of New Girl with an enemies-to-lovers twist, Unnecessary Drama is a joyful story about leaving home, dealing with the unexpected complications of life, and somehow finding exactly what you need.


The monster Josh Taylor feared is free--and it's all his fault.


Not only have Josh's actions put his family and friends in danger, they've thrown Blackbirch into elemental chaos, forcing the town to evacuate.
Fleeing with his friends to his former home in the city, they follow clues left by his mom and aunt to uncover long-held secrets, and truths that lead to danger and loss.
This makes Josh question if he can avoid the doomed history of the Gifters before him, and if his magick is enough to defeat a creature willing to violate the laws of nature to claw its way back to life.

It's Collector versus Collector in this epic conclusion to the Blackbirch series, and there's only room in this world for one.


After the devastating events at The Playhouse, Josh is once again grieving.


Unwilling to put Sarah and Max in more danger, he vows to deepen his abilities alone and stop the mysterious threat Kallie warned was coming. But his powers aren’t as strong as they once were. Something is siphoning his magick, and he doesn’t know where to turn. Can he have faith in Eve after her sudden reappearance? Or should he side with Sheriff Stevens, whose help comes with secrets the lawman isn’t prepared to reveal?

When Josh is faced with enemies—both old and new—he has a choice to make: fight the one who threatens to take everything from him, or put his trust in an enemy who promises to cast a ritual that will give everything back.


It’s a place no one forgets. Except for Josh Taylor.
The fatal car crash took more than 17-year-old Josh’s parents. It stole his memories and returned him to Blackbirch, a tourist town steeped in a history of witchcraft.
To restore his memories and find the true cause of his parents’ death, Josh Taylor must learn what's real, what’s a nightmare, and what secrets his home town of Blackbirch has buried in its woods.‬


Now that the origins of his power have been revealed, Josh Taylor’s search for answers continues with the arrival of Kallie—a girl running from her own secrets.


She shows Josh how to use his gift in ways he didn’t know were possible, but as they push the limits of their abilities, they discover there are consequences to messing with magic.


Raven warrior takes the inner child on a wild adventure of growth, acceptance, internal and external battles to become the Raven Warrior.

Welcome to the shadow world. A fantastical, mediaeval and spiritual world that is linked to the physical world with slight over lap into the physical world. The physical world is the world you exist in, within the here and now. The spirit world is where the inner child explores.
Welcome to a book and series that takes you the reader on a first person narrative to become the Raven Warrior. The adventures, the challenges, the lessons learnt feeds your own soul.

Cast into a fantastical mediaeval setting with some historical crossover, this is a great read for 12 years and older!


I'm Cinder and I have a secret, many really. 

From the outside, my life might seem easy, spoilt, even glamorous. Trust me, it's not. 
I have the big house with the magnificent view and people to do my cooking and cleaning. I have everything I need and nothing I want.
But I meet someone. Someone kind, strong, reckless. Mother would not approve.
With him I feel free for the first time in years, but why have my nightmares returned and what is he doing every night while I sleep?
I'm Cinder and I'm beginning a new life. Will it be more dangerous than the one I am leaving behind?

Oh yes, I almost forgot, don't go into the forest after dark.

The Jade Book.jpg

Some books should never be left open, not ever!


Long ago, a book was discovered in a tin box in a garden. Inexplicable events then began to occur in the tiny sea-side town of Petticoat Bay.
Siblings Annabelle and Marcus Fox and their cousin, Sebastian, discover a hidden world far from ordinary in nearby Goblin Wood and a dark truth about the book’s shadowy provenance that disrupts their own idyllic world.


This tale blends action and adventure with grittier myths and folklore that are ideal for fans of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.


Sadie Starr is obsessed with starting over.


A new year, a new diet, a new social media identity. Anything that gives her a chance to be a better version of herself. So when her dad’s job moves the family interstate, Sadie’s excited for a fresh start.
It’s also the perfect excuse to leave behind the mess she’s made with her best friend and secret crush, Daniel, whose advances she rejected – for fear of screwing things up. But at her new school, she lands in a complex friendship group where standing up for what’s right isn’t as easy as it seems.


And when her attempts at romance backfire and her eating disorder rears its head, Sadie finds herself wanting to start over yet again...


A group of school-leavers free at last, ready to party, expectations high.


A remote island on the Western Australian coast wasn’t exactly the plan, but they’re not going to let that hold them back.
Blame, fear, mistrust, coverups, power plays and dark secrets tear the group apart and expose the deadly tensions beneath the surface. And each teen is forced to confront demons that will lead them either to devastating tragedy or transformative triumph. Whoever survives the week will never be the same again...

The Brink is a raw, powerful novel that pulls no punches in its authentic exploration of masculinity, sexuality, mental health, drug and alcohol use, relationships and sex.

Untitled design (90).png

Bookish, nonbinary Ruarnon thought their biggest challenge was proving a worthy heir to Tarlah's perfect King.


But when assassins strike, and their parents are abducted, Ruarnon must shoulder the burden of the throne in the face of unreliable allies and a brutal, expansionist neighbour. To end a war that's overshadowed their kingdom's entire history, Ruarnon will need more than a sharp mind and superior tactics; they'll need a bargaining chip.
Trapped in Ruarnon's world, Linh is desperate to return to loved ones in Australia and isn't above using the locals' belief she's a figure from their myths to do so. But her best shot at getting home involves sailing to Ruarnon with reinforcements while dodging a growing plague of monsters. If Linh succeeds, she'll gain knowledge that could help Ruarnon secure lasting peace. But a secure peace demands co-operation with Tarlah's long-term enemies.


So to pursue their heart's greatest desire, Ruarnon risks betrayal, all Tarlah and their own murder.

Destiny cover front (1).tiff

Restoring Destiny is a fantasy/coming-of-age story of teen romance, magic, evil and a fight to save a life and right the wrongs of yesteryear.


Torn from their cloistered world, pursued by troops, Rais and Kanda battle the elements of an unknown world and struggle to develop their emerging magic powers. Their mother is to be executed at the next full moon by the evil ruler who invaded their world.

Only they can save her, take back the land, and free the imprisoned King and their father.


"You may be thinking my life is so splendid and glamorous like a movie. Maybe it's everything you've ever dreamt of.


It might be the life you want to live when you're older. What can I say? I'm sorry to burst your bubble of aspirations, but that is unfortunately not the case.
My name's Zelda Mulette and I am seventeen years old.


From my past experiences which are about to be revealed, my life is not like in the movies." -Zelda Mulette

Gryphon_Cover_3 CRB Front Coverfront.jpg

A diamond tumbles into a chasm. Lightning arcs across a starlit sky. A forgotten Evil wakes.


Bears and wolves race to the mountains in frenzied obedience to the Evil’s command. Transformed into monstrous creatures, they lay siege to the caverns of the High Alps, home of the Sleih and Gryphon.
Ilesse’s destiny is to be a powerful Sleih seer. But when the Evil touches her, she must battle its whispered promises – or see her world destroyed by her own hand. In her village, Gweyr scrubs pots and dreams of her mother’s wistful stories of wise beings and magical flying beasts.


But when the Evil threatens her people, she discovers dreams can hold the key to victory.


It’s a hot summer, and life’s going okay for Jackson and his family on the Mish.


It’s almost Christmas, school’s out, and he's hanging with his mates, teasing the visiting tourists, and avoiding the racist boys in town. Just like every year, Jackson’s Aunty and his annoying little cousins visit from Sydney – but this time, a boy named Tomas comes with them.
Tomas is quiet, from a troubled background, and he’s artistic – more into his writing than he is willing to admit. And as both boys let down their guard, and their friendship evolves, Jackson must confront the changing shapes of his relationships with his friends, family and community.


He must face his darkest secret – a secret that could shatter the careful persona he has built for himself on the Mish.

Heroes of the Secret Underground by Susa

‘Heroes of the Secret Underground’ reveals the ‘crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’ (Leonard Cohen).


Young people seek the light for the future because they are heroes. It is 2000. International Year of Peace. Louie is twelve. Lives with her brothers Bert named after Albert Einstein and four-year-old superhero Teddy, in the Majestic Boutique Hotel run by their Hungarian grandparents.
All seems peaceful, but there are dark mysteries.
The sudden appearance of the rose gold locket and a girl from the past opens the portal to a trail of secrets and lies, spinning Louie and her brothers into a world at war. Budapest 1944 where they meet their grandparents as children. In a breathtaking race for survival, they discover the meaning of the locket, secrets, heroism of the past.


They become heroes themselves, righting wrongs and bringing change to the present and future.


When the elemental powers of the seven nations come under threat Mai and Long are selected for an adventure.


They soon discover Akra, the Starchild, and alongside him, they battle the elements of nature, deadly creatures and the risk of starvation. The journey takes them far away from their appointed task.


A meeting with an earthfollower sets them on a new path where they must all find the strength to face a terrifying foe - a dementra from the underworld.


With a new addition to their journey, a young sealer boy, Mai, Long and Akra return to their chosen adventure.


The children quickly find themselves in a fight for their freedom. Their escape takes them to the land of Naroan. Now, the children are challenged with unravelling the mystery of the Silvershade.


This sets Long on a path to face the deadly power of the dark pebble from the underworld.


After escaping the attacking forces, Mai, Akra, Kalin must find a way to purge the evil that has consumed Long.


News of the underworld king is spreading, gloom and fear begins to sweep over the lands. The children’s future is once again full of danger as they travel over the harsh and unforgiving land of ice to healing stone.


But will they make it in time to save Long?

Starchild - The Fire and the Falcon.jpg

With a treacherous ice journey behind them and Long's health restored, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now find the falcon guard called Tupuck.


He is the only one who has the answers Akra now seeks.


Without knowing, the children enter the firerulers’ city right on the brink of a terrible civil war, spurred by slavery and fuelled by sorcery.


A disgraced assassin. A sinister plot. Will her one shot at redemption send her to the grave?

Dhani Karim is furious. Wrongfully expelled from the Imperial Assassins, the snarky killer is forced into a lowly unranked position in a remote desert colony, working with a guy who’s clearly damaged goods. And when they barely survive an attack on what should have been a routine assignment, she fears clearing her name could cost her life.
Struggling to navigate a land where she’s the only person who can’t wield magic, things get worse when she receives a death threat and her unwanted partner vanishes. But when the clues lead to a violent cult, Dhani finds herself in a race against time to stop a bloodbath that will consume thousands of innocent lives.
Can she expose a deadly conspiracy before it causes a massacre?
City of Whispers is the thrilling first book in the Imperial Assassin fantasy adventure series.

If you like kickass heroines, high-octane action, and off-the-charts snark, then you’ll love Katt Powers’ gritty tale.
Buy City of Whispers for a pulse-pounding page-turner today!

Peta Lyre Cover.jpg

At sixteen, neurodivergent Peta Lyre is the success story of social training. That is, until she finds herself on a school ski trip and falling in love with the new girl.


Peta will need to decide which rules to keep, and which rules to break… 'I'm Peta Lyre,' I mumble. Look people in the eye if you can, at least when you greet them. I try, but it's hard when she is smiling so big, and leaning in.
Peta Lyre is far from typical. The world she lives in isn't designed for the way her mind works, but when she follows her therapist's rules for 'normal' behaviour, she can almost fit in without attracting attention.
When a new girl, Sam, starts at school, Peta's carefully structured routines start to crack. But on the school ski trip, with romance blooming and a newfound confidence, she starts to wonder if maybe she can have a normal life after all. When things fall apart, Peta must decide whether all the old rules still matter.


Does she want a life less ordinary, or should she keep her rating normal? A moving and joyful own voices debut.


Gisela Kaplan’s story begins in post-World War II Germany.


Despite incredible challenges as a child, she retained a profound curiosity, care and compassion for all living things. Her captivating, ground-breaking scientific research on Australian magpies, tawny frogmouths and other iconic bird species, as well as primates, make Prof. Kaplan a world-leading expert in animal behaviour, especially of Australian birds.

Professor Kaplan is on a mission to spread the word about how intelligent and surprising birds are, before time runs out for many of them.


Munjed is a humanitarian and world-leading pioneer of surgical osseointegration.


The book follows pivotal moments in Munjed’s life: becoming a surgeon under the regime of Saddam Hussein, fleeing from war-torn Iraq and arriving at Christmas Island in a rickety boat, being held in the Curtain Detention Centre, his hard-gained medical success, and his acknowledgement as the 2020 NSW Austalian of the Year.
“Life is about making a difference,” Munjed says. “We all have a mission in life, to leave behind a legacy.”


His resilience, determination and view of the world as a glass half full, not half empty, has helped him excel in his chosen career. His humanitarian work is equally as impressive, and includes being an ambassador for Red Cross, working with Amnesty International, and becoming a patron of the Asylum Seekers Centre.

Aussie STEM Stars is an inspiring children’s series that celebrates Australia’s experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Fiona is the daughter of fifth-generation Yorkshire coal-miners, who encouraged her to try everything from ballet to street fighting. They instilled in her the value of hard work, although Fiona was often teased by others for being ‘different’ and wanting more than her tiny Yorkshire village could offer.
She faced prejudice and sexism in her professional career but fought for her chance to become a medical student and work as a surgeon.


She eventually became one of the world’s leading burns surgeon and Head of the Burns Unit at Royal Perth Hospital and is the inventor of spray-on skin.


Georgia is a conservation ecologist, reptile biologist and explorer who has trekked many continents and travelled thousands of kilometres in a sea kayak, all in the name of science, adventure and research!


As a child she would watch David Attenborough investigate the mysteries of nature and was inspired to follow in his footsteps. Her key contribution to science is her implementation of the ‘Taste Aversion’ technique to reduce deaths of native animals who were consuming cane toads. Georgia’s work stems from a fascination with nature and a sense of guardianship over wild animals and wild places.


She explores shifting ecological patterns, conservation strategies and animal behaviour, and works with the indigenous ranger network across northern Australia.


Eddie Woo has already packed a lot into his short life.


Australian High School Maths teacher, education ambassador and advisor, author, TV Host and YouTube sensation, Eddie has been putting the magic in maths for the past ten years, allowing students to learn in creative and practical ways, and being at the forefront of school-based integrated STEM education.


His is an inspiring story of empathy, generosity, mentorship, personal connection, and overcoming adversity.

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