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Raven warrior takes the inner child on a wild adventure of growth, acceptance, internal and external battles to become the Raven Warrior.

Welcome to the shadow world. A fantastical, mediaeval and spiritual world that is linked to the physical world with slight over lap into the physical world. The physical world is the world you exist in, within the here and now. The spirit world is where the inner child explores.

Welcome to a book and series that takes you the reader on a first person narrative to become the Raven Warrior. The adventures, the challenges, the lessons learnt feeds your own soul.

Cast into a fantastical mediaeval setting with some historical crossover, this is a great read for 12 years and older!

About The Author

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I am Aaron Rowley born and raised in South Australia, with a world of hurts that stained my eyes, a world of cruelty where reading, martial arts and nature was my escape. I am  a writer, an author an artist, a Martial artist, a spiritualist on his journey and an avid reader.

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