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Welcome to our Aussie Humour collection, where you'll find spectacular titles by Australian authors ready to tickle your funny bone...

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As Jake O’Donnell puts it, “If men really are from Mars, then it’s no surprise that it is a cold, barren wasteland devoid of life”.


But, while modern men still don’t know who let the dogs out, or whether Shaggy did in fact do all those things, they have at least tried their best (or at the very least been present) in a century that has fought for equal rights while also giving them equal lefts – directly to the chin.
Following the journey of the modern man through the seminal ‘first time’ moments of his life, Walk Like a Man(iac) provides an up-close and personal look at the embarrassing, ridiculous, mistake-ridden and underwhelming journey that all boys have to take on their way to becoming a man in the 21st century. As self-deprecating as it is insightful, Walk Like a Man(iac) not only examines the universal experiences that define the modern man, but also explores a hilariously detailed personal account of the journey.

After all, what better way to really examine the psyche of 21st century men than through the eyes of someone who encapsulates everything it means to be one, in all its (limited) glory and shame.

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A real Aussie humorous road trip in the bush.

When Hakim lands in Australia, he hitches a ride with Bluey and they set out on a road trip to the big smoke. It's a steep learning curve for a new arrival. From up shit creek to sweet as a nut Hakim learns what it is to be an Aussie. Of course, there is more to the yarn than a couple of coldies, a set of false teeth and a dog that farts, much more.



Strewth, where do ya start ...


Kate feels old, alone, and regrettably round.

It's the 1st of February, and today happens to be her fortieth birthday. This month she must survive, a pending divorce, raising her offspring spawn from Satan, being Maid of Honor, a fellow bridesmaid from hell, multiple dress fittings, and her meddling mother.

Can she make it to March without losing her marbles?

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A hilarious look at sex... When A and B don't always go together!

Evelyn's biological clock is a time bomb, according to her sister, Joy. When Joy finds, via the internet, a woman on average has 8 sexual partners before finding Mr Right, Evelyn decides to go fishing. As her father often says, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." Evelyn just needs to find out if love and sex are related - or even in the same boat.


But, with her sexual education comes her realization - she will need a special kind of lure to land her catch of the day!

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Does living the dream come with a guarantee?

Colin and Viv buy a 'bargain boat' with a romantic idea of the sea. Balmy nights in tropical waters - it all seems so idyllic. What they get is a bucket load of troubles, myriad of mishaps - plus some fun.



Albeit, with the aid of an assortment of characters who all seem to be an expert about something...

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A madcap jocularity over a dead body and a light supper. Who would have thought offal could be a life and death situation?

It will be a close run thing if the villagers can pull off the madcap caper of the year. The village of Beetling Down has a centenarian in its midst, but when she pops her clogs before her candles are lit its bound to be a bit of a bother.



How to pull a switch, cater for a light supper for royalty and evade the police all comes down to timing, and more get up and go than a pig on a butcher's block!

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A madcap murder mystery romp.

Can you kill someone who doesn't exist, and get away with it? Ursula just might, if only people would stop poking their noses into her business. Ursula is beset with more than a passing problem as she tries to kill off her pseudonym and escape the law.



Will Ursula get away with murder, or will all her efforts come undone with the paparazzi, a postman and an imposter on her trail?

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A humorous lighthearted look at mistaken identity.

What can one man do in the face of mounting evidence? James Caldercott is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary set of circumstances. Born to Joseph and Mary he lives an unblemished life. Is it any wonder he lives on Jerusalem drive? With the media hungry for What's Hot and What's Not, James is catapulted into the spotlight as the reluctant Messiah.



It will take more than someone to deny him three times for James to get his life back. It will take a miracle...

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A humorous romp in Tasmania. Can a 300kg pig called Marmalade save the day?


How Mona Blyte, a cranky old lady, manages a dodgy developer, a French chef and a Professor of history all depends on Marmalade's truffle hunting skills. What could possibly go wrong? Who would have thought a sink hole in Tasmania could cause so much trouble? When Mona's land is under threat from a developer it seems her pig, Marmalade has all the answers.


How Mona Blyte, a cranky old woman, manages a dodgy developer, a 300 kg pig and a french chef plus a Professor of early Australian history, well... it all depends on Marmalade's truffle hunting expertise. Only...don't let on, because it is supposed to be a secret!

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