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Welcome to our Horror collection, where you'll find spectacular titles by Australian authors ready to ignite your imagination...

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A burnt-out radio host tangles with an obsessed fan who'll do anything to save her show.

As the game unfolds, death becomes her uncomfortable cohost. Samantha must find a way through the nightmare when friends, family and fans turn their backs on her.


Twisting and turning, this is a harrowing story of horror, dread and obsession.

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Charles Banks, an adventurous English backpacker, arrives at Murchison Station for an enticing job opportunity.


But what starts as a warm welcome from owner Vern Cardwell and his wife, Martha, quickly turns into a sinister nightmare.
As Charles delves deeper into his role at the remote wheat station, he uncovers the truth behind the high employee turnover and the grim fate that awaits him.


Trapped and at the mercy of Vern's malevolence, Charles must navigate a treacherous web of deceit and danger, all while clinging to the hope of surviving this isolated and ominous farmstead.

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How do you fight a vampire… in Australia?


Nothing interesting ever happens in sleepy, rural Ludwood. Not until undertaker Shelley sets up shop with her eco-friendly burials. Her latest funeral, farewelling an environmental legend, was meant to help her struggling business – even the gatecrashing priest condemning her heathen ways didn’t damper her spirits... much.
But when frightening screeches wake Shelley in the middle of the night days later, she finds an empty grave and things start to go wrong. Horribly wrong. Like vicious attacks in Ludwood wrong. Were the priest’s protests of blasphemy right? Has Shelley unwittingly unleashed the undead and reduced the headcount in Ludwood instead of reducing their carbon footprint? And where does Shelley even start?

There’s no manual for hunting vampires in the bush.

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When the Antichrist comes to town, bad things can happen.

In a bustling metropolis verging on the edge of chaos, all Peter Gold wants is the chance for a simple life with his wife and young daughter in the safety of their apartment. When two strangers appear at the door one evening however, his world is thrown into turmoil when a sudden act of sickening violence destroys everything he has ever loved.

See The City Red is a no holds barred dystopian horror thriller that is as relentless as it is thought provoking, and certainly not for the faint of heart.


A three-storey ramshackle house in North Melbourne is full of secrets.


Tamsin is lead to the building by a voice inside her head - a voice that tells her 'Death is Coming'. With no respite from the eternal summer heat, can Tamsin find out who death is coming for and solve the riddle of Radcliffe?

Radcliffe is a gothic novella set in a sweltering Melbourne summer, where death is coming for one of the residents of a ramshackle terrace house in North Melbourne...

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An uninhabited island… Several hundred hidden cameras… Ten contestants who think they’re stranded… One man employed to thin their numbers… One predatory species determined to feed…


For the contestants of television’s latest prime-time reality show, the plane crash is a mere inconvenience on their way to fame and fortune. Unfortunately, there’s no rescue coming. Instead, the producers have other ideas, like watching them find the island’s killer creatures for themselves… Like watching them die.


Tune in and discover who will be the Sole Survivor!


The first season of Sole Survivor has aired, a traumatized December Foss is trying desperately to escape her fifteen minutes of fame, and everyone thinks the drop bears are dead.


Everyone that is except The Ark: a radical group of eco-terrorists with an axe to grind, and Joseph Steinberg, who still has plenty of them in reserve. When the Ark release the drop bears from captivity, all hell breaks loose and December must face them again.


This time, though, they're on her turf. This time, it's personal!

The Roo large.jpg

Something is wrong in the small outback town of Morgan Creek.


A farmer goes missing after a blue in the pub. A teenage couple fail to show up for work. When Patrick and Sheila McDonough investigate, they discover the missing persons list is growing.
Before they realise what’s happening, the residents of the remote town find themselves in a fight for their lives against a foe they would never have suspected.


And the dry red earth will run with blood...


The modern political environment is not the first time America’s paranoia infected the world.


Every generation the media is blamed for the unruly behaviour of the young. in the 80s it was Heavy Metal, during the 90s it was rap and computer games.


Well, there was once a time when comic books were branded public menace #1.

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‘There are gods here on earth, Magnus. But not all of them know they are gods. Some are lucky enough to be born knowing what they are. Others have to figure it out for themselves along the way.’


Magnus, a hired killer desperate to atone for the things he has done, is visited by the ghost of his first hit, a mysterious man named Byrd. Byrd offers Magnus redemption, a journey into the lives of the people left behind after he killed their loved ones.
Byrd tells him it is not too late to save these lost souls. One of these souls is Sam, slowly destroying herself after the murder of her fiancé.


As Magnus and Sam drift closer together, the world around them begins to fall apart, and Magnus realises the one soul he wishes most to save may just end up saving him.


Jonny Trotter has spent the last fifteen years running from tragic memories of the country town where he grew up – but now that his father has died, he can run no more.


Returning to Waterwich for the funeral with his partner Sloane, Jonny must confront old resentments, his estranged best friends, a strange, veiled woman the locals call the White Widow… and the mystery surrounding the fate of his first love.
A morbid and reckless city girl, Jessica Grzelak lived to push the limits and explore the shadows – and no-one has seen her since the night she and Jonny went looking for the Chapel.
Rumoured to be found in the woods outside Waterwich, mentioned in playground rhymes about local lovebirds Billy and Poppy and their killing spree in 1964, the Chapel is said to be an ancient, sacred place that can only be entered by lovers – a test that can only be passed if their bond is pure and true.


Before he can move on to a future with Sloane, Jonny must first face the terrible truth of his past – and if he can’t bring it out into the light at last, it might just pull him and everything he loves down into the dark, forever.

The White Of Weeping Cove.jpg

Elias Dantrell is visiting his grandmother in the small seaside town of Weeping Cove. On travelling to the town he is accompanied by two elderly people who warn him not to go out at night.


Elias is unaware of a supernatural force residing in the ruined abbey but his grandmother secretly does. She tells him the tale of a man called Galet, who lived in the town decades before. He was found hiding severed body parts and was burned alive after being caught.
Elias soon realises that the town's people are fully aware that a vampire has been living in their midst for hundreds of years. When the vampire, Luc, meets Elias, he convinces Elias to come to his ruins where he tells him his life story. But the recent death of a local man has finally galvanised the church into doing something about Luc.


They hire two vampire hunters who proclaim they will rid the town of Luc. Elias joins forces with Luc to help save him until he can end his misery on his own terms ...


War is a horror story, it has monsters and victims. It is full of gore and pain. It is not something that a sane mind should adore.

It is only with a distance that it can be celebrated with any immaturity. Here some stories in different settings, they are not supposed to be read leaving the reader with optimism or joy.  It seems that war is endless, endless in suffering.  

"The Forgotten Fallen" is a collection of twenty-two short stories, some previously published and others written exclusively for this book. 


When the only suspect in a violent homicide commits suicide, it seems like case closed.


But Detective Gabriel O’Connor suspects a deeper mystery. His investigation draws him to a young fortune teller, Ezra, who seems to know more than she is letting on.
They discover the murder is only the beginning of what lies in wait – an ancient, formless presence, its will set to one purpose: to black the light of humankind and cast the world into eternal darkness. Gabe and Ezra soon find themselves at the centre of a universal conflict between an immense evil and a race of powerful beings sworn to destroy it.
Together, they must find the strength, in each other and in themselves, to survive. For within them lies the power to save the human race. A terrifying, visceral journey into the dark reaches of the soul, Fabel is a story of love, sacrifice, and the brutal beauty of mortality.


Fabel was shortlisted for the 2017 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards, where it received Highly Commended status.


“Devouring Dark is a powerful tale of crime and death, cleverly crafted and flawlessly executed. Do yourself a favor and join me for some shivers.” – James A. Moore, author of Seven Forges and the Serenity Falls trilogy.


Matt McLeod is a man plagued since childhood by a malevolent darkness that threatens to consume him. Following a lifetime spent wrestling for control over this lethal onslaught, he’s learned to wield his mysterious skill to achieve an odious goal: retribution as a supernatural vigilante.
When one such hit goes bad, McLeod finds himself ensnared in a multi-tentacled criminal enterprise caught between a corrupt cop and a brutal mobster. His only promise of salvation may be a bewitching young woman who shares his dark talent but has murderous designs of her own.


Devouring Dark is a genre-smashing supernatural thriller that masterfully blends elements of crime and horror in an adrenaline-fueled, life-or-death rollercoaster ride that’s emblematic of the fiction from award-winning author Alan Baxter.

Into the wild and after the dark.jpg

A collection of 16 dark, macabre and sinister short stories.


A cynical collection of short stories to help you pass the lonely nights as you curl into mattress beneath your blankets and explore what lurks beyond the wall. Dare to read about what crawls among the mind of night. Some of the stories may be scary, others morbid, some may even be violent.

Should one scare, entertain or even entice your mind to think, then so be the blessings of the writer’s pen... owever unpleasant it may be.

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Trapped and alone in a world she doesn't understand...


Etani is forced into a desperate situation of survival where escape is impossible, and those who wish to see her dead are closing in.

IOTWCS cover FINAL front only.jpg

All lives are haunted by love and loss, by hunger and hurt, by desperation and death – and those depicted in the debut collection of dark short stories from Matthew R. Davis are no exception.


Here, horror can be found dancing the Morris and rockin’ the Sunset Strip, grooving under nightclub lights and unspooling from a homemade mixtape.
It’s waiting in the dim glow of a stranger’s living room and the bleeding sunset over a deserted beach, lurking beneath the family Christmas tree and the streets of the city itself. It’s spray-painted on dirty walls, echoing in hollow hearts and abandoned homes. It’s everywhere.


IF ONLY TONIGHT WE COULD SLEEP collects thirteen heartfelt and haunting horror tales by Australian author Matthew R. Davis, including the Australian Shadows Awards-recognised “This Impossible Gift” and “The Heart of the Mission”, each illustrated with darkly beautiful images by Red Wallflower Photography.


1881 - London.

A series of murders around Whitechapel have two very old friends investigating the deaths. Soon they're joined by Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker - and all end up fighting for their survival as an ancient horror rises and threatens to destroy the world.

Book one in a brand new series out now!

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When the city is sick, everyone suffers...


Steven Hines listened to the city and the city spoke. Cleveport told him she was sick.
With his unnatural connection to her, that meant Hines was sick too. But when his friend, Detective Abby Jones, comes to him for help investigating a series of deaths with no discernible cause, Hines can’t say no.
Then strange fungal growths begin to appear in the streets, affecting anyone who gets too close, turning them into violent lunatics.


As the mayhem escalates and officials start to seal Cleveport off from the rest of the world, Hines knows the trouble has only just begun.

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In The Other Side the reader travels upon pathways where tales veer into sci-fi, fantasy, horror, human torment, or even murder.


The Hairdresser introduces a short, chunky hair snipper named Murray. An interest in the occult leads him on a one way adventure to the shadow side. Ancient Egypt's Gods still prove formidable in The Golden Statue Of Lord Carnarvon and The Return Of The Mummy. A red neck Vietnam veteran in his twilight years, is offered a release from his disease - but at a price, in Youth In Asia. A woman's relaxing sojourn in a park is interrupted by a visitor that may change the world as we know it, in The Other Side Of Here.


Faeries At The Bottom Of The Garden introduces Elsie sitting by her backyard pond when she is visited by - well, we can't give that one away... 


The Book of Gates is open . . .


A collection of short stories made of frights and nightmares. The dead have tales to tell. The dead will not be mocked. The Book of Gates welcomes you. The Book of Gates is a collection of horror short stories. It is divided into two chapters, each containing 13 stories and a novella.


The stories range from horror, through to fantasy and the supernatural.

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What would you do if you won $55 million?


Lena decides to buy an old ruin and spend a small fortune on making it her dream house.


The first night she spends there is just a small hint of what she has in store...

thumbnail_The Pareidolia Effect ebook co

In The Pareidolia Effect, the reader travels upon pathways where tales veer into sci-fi, fantasy, human torment, or even humour and murder...


In The Troxler Effect, purchasing an antique mirror in Paris may be a mistake that costs a couple their sanity and marriage...
In The Audition an actor notices the same man at many auditions. A man who nearly always got the role. What if you could find a devious way to kink his armour? 
A gift from a father to his daughter of an old magic set for her birthday, opens a Pandora's Box, in The Old Magic Set.


You'll find these hauntingly strange tales and more within the pages of The Pareidolia Effect.


Strange things happen in The Gulp. The residents have grown used to it.


The isolated Australian harbour town of Gulpepper is not like other places. Some maps don’t even show it. And only outsiders use the full name.
Everyone who lives there calls it The Gulp. The place has a habit of swallowing people.
A truck driver thinks the stories about The Gulp are made up to scare him. Until he gets there. Teenage siblings try to cover up the death of their mother, but their plans go drastically awry. A rock band invite four backpackers to a party at their house, where things get dangerously out of hand. A young man loses a drug shipment and his boss gives him 48 hours to make good on his mistake. Under the blinking eye of the old lighthouse, a rock fisher makes the strangest catch of his life.


Five novellas. Five descents into darkness. Welcome to The Gulp, where nothing is as it seems.


“At turns creepy and visceral, Baxter delivers the horror goods.” – Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World.


Collected together for the first time ever, these sixteen provocative and intensely chilling tales by multi-award-winning-author Alan Baxter venture into the depths of the darkest and most shadowy places where unspeakable horrors are the predators and we the willing prey.


Prepare for an always terrifying, frequently heartbreaking journey in multiple stages, each piece echoing Baxter’s unique voice that effortlessly blends horror, fantasy and the weird, cementing his place as a modern master of the dark fantastique, and resulting in an unforgettable volume of fiction.

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The Encampment By The Gorge...


After a guard dog is savagely butchered and their friend is murdered, four men embark on what they think will be a revenge mission into the depths of an illegal commune.
Instead, they find themselves under a sky that shouldn't be and come face to face with gruesome monsters that challenge their hold on reality.


Blood Memory...


When a series of brutal crocodile attacks sends shock-waves through an Indigenous community, rumours of an evil spirit abound.


Jones, an investigative journalist, discovers the dark truth when he confronts a hostile park ranger and discovers the old ways are not as forgotten as he would like to think.

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