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The Encampment By The Gorge...

After a guard dog is savagely butchered and their friend is murdered, four men embark on what they think will be a revenge mission into the depths of an illegal commune. Instead, they find themselves under a sky that shouldn't be and come face to face with gruesome monsters that challenge their hold on reality.

Blood Memory... 

When a series of brutal crocodile attacks sends shock-waves through an Indigenous community, rumours of an evil spirit abound. Jones, an investigative journalist, discovers the dark truth when he confronts a hostile park ranger and discovers the old ways are not as forgotten as he would like to think. 

Writing about both The Encampment By The Gorge and Blood Memory, author Zachary Ashford said -

"I love coming up with ideas and feeling as if I can use them as metaphor or message. Theres nothing as rewarding as looking at something youve created and going, Yeah, thats good. With The Encampment By The Gorge, I let a linear thematic story grow into something I'm confident saying is visceral and intense when I focussed on telling a relentless cosmic horror and then with Blood Memory, I wanted to build some monster as metaphor commentary on some pretty disgraceful [Australian] Government policy decisions at the time."

About The Author

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Zachary Ashford is the author of Sole Survivor - a novella of drop bear horror from Unnerving - and The Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory from Demain. 

His short fiction has been featured in Dark Moon Digest, the Elements of Horror: Earth anthology, Trickster's Treats 3 from Things in the Well, and Kyanite Press.  He's also a feature writer for Ozzy Man Reviews, an occasional blogger and a sometimes copywriter for a rock n roll radio station.  

Outside of that, he can be found listening to metal, hanging with his wife and kids, or watching as many schlocky horror films as he can.

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