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 A Review from Author Kev Harrison 

"Sole Survivor is one of the latest entries in Unnerving Magazine's Rewind or Die series, harking back to the 80s and 90s heyday of classic, blood-soaked slasher movies. On that front, this book does not disappoint.

Beginning with an isolated chapter, unclear at first as to how it ties in to the broader narrative other than to introduce the setting and the deadly 'dropbears' - mutant, bloodthirsty, carnivorous koala-a-likes, the story proper starts with a group of contestants on a reality TV show, marooned on a paradisiacal island. This is where the author's skill really comes into play, handling a fairly big cast for a short book, each of whom has a unique identity and many of whom possess the trappings of familiar figures from the sort of car crash TV the fictional Sole Survivor would likely be.

The drop bears make their appearance soon after, changing the complexion of the scenario for the contestants, pushing them to breaking point and expounding would be conflicts into something more immediate and potentially violent.

It's an easy read, huge fun and some of the fighting and dialogue are worthy of applause, but beneath the surface of the book, there are also homages to Lord of the Flies and a fair amount of social commentary."

Further praise for Sole Survivor - 

"My first outing with Mr. Ashford, and what a place to go. A nice, tropical island? Lovely. This is, simply put, tasty B-movie creature fun at a blistering pace. One of those tales you rip through, reading more than you intend in any sitting." - Daniel Russell, Amazon Review.

"If you too want to have some fun with multiple deaths, psycho ex-soldiers, and people just trying to survive on one very inhospitable island, then look no further. I just hope you can be the Sole Survivor of the experience!" - Morgan Tanner, Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Zachary Ashford is the author of Sole Survivor, a killer koala creature feature novella from Unnerving Mag, and The Encampment by the Gorge from Demain Publishing, a duology that explores the consequences of encroaching civilisation. He has just signed the contract on his next novella, and has a second novelette due in January.

He has seen his short stories published by Perpetual Motion Machine, Things in the Well, and RedCape Publishing. His next release is called Autotomy Cocktail, and it'll come through Demain Publishing.

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