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A collection of 16 dark, macabre and sinister short stories.   

A cynical collection of short stories to help you pass the lonely nights as you curl into mattress beneath your blankets and explore what lurks beyond the wall.  

Dare to read about what crawls among the mind of night.   Some of the stories may be scary, others morbid, some may even be violent. 

Should one scare, entertain or even entice your mind to think, then so be the blessings of the writer’s pen... however unpleasant it may be.

About The Author

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Kym Robinson has spent years being punched, thrown and violently hugged across the globe as one of Australia's most prominent Mixed Martial Artists. Now, he likes to help others do the same!

Kym has an insatiable appetite for writing, matched only by his love of reading. He currently resides in South Australia.

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