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It was her dream house... 

After ten years with Paul, Lena knows she no longer loves him. One day, at home alone and feeling unwell, she makes up her mind to leave. At the same moment her phone rings with news that she’s won 55 million dollars. 

She packs a bag and locks the door behind her. 

Full of excitement as well as doubt, she drives to the highest point in Sutton Valley, and there, with the most incredible view, stands an old house. Dilapidated, just waiting for someone to make it a home again. And Lena is sure she’s that person; the house calls to her and she’s determined to make it her own. 

She has more than enough money to make the house beautiful again, but what else will it cost her?

About The Author

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Christine was busy at home for quite a few years, with five sons to look after and lots of books to read. It never occurred to her she would write books herself, until she started an art and design course at TAFE, when her youngest son started school. 

She enjoyed the class but realised she was better at the theory side than the actual painting etc. After the art class she took on a writing and editing class and immediately felt at home. 

She went on to study history at university and graduated with honours. Since then she's been writing horror, romance, historical fiction, along with one non-fiction crime story, and supernatural books for adults, as well as a variety of children's/YA books.

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