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Exiled. Trapped. Hunted.  On the run for the last 900 years, Etani feels the time is right to find her sisters. 

First, she must outsmart and outwit the forces who want nothing more than to see her and her family dead. Her quest will not be easy.  When her hunger and wounds leave her vulnerable to attack, she finds herself trapped in Ayathian, a hotbed for mythical creatures, intrigue, and espionage.  

Her captor forces her to become his assassin, a tool - one whose very existence hinges on his well-being.  Killing him would be tantamount to sacrificing her own life. The only option is to make a daring escape, but is she willing to pay the price - and can she afford not to?  

Friends become enemies, family secrets are exposed, and a prophecy she refuses to accept blocks her escape at every turn.  

With so much hanging in the balance, there may be no way to avoid disaster, and time is quickly running out.

About The Author

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N.Malone is the author of Etani, Trapped Princess (Book Two), Always A Fae (Book Three), and Goddess Of Death (Book Four).

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