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All lives are haunted by love and loss, by hunger and hurt, by desperation and death – and those depicted in the debut collection of dark short stories from Matthew R. Davis are no exception.  

Here, horror can be found dancing the Morris and rockin’ the Sunset Strip, grooving under nightclub lights and unspooling from a homemade mixtape. 

It’s waiting in the dim glow of a stranger’s living room and the bleeding sunset over a deserted beach, lurking beneath the family Christmas tree and the streets of the city itself. It’s spray-painted on dirty walls, echoing in hollow hearts and abandoned homes.  

It’s everywhere.  

IF ONLY TONIGHT WE COULD SLEEP collects thirteen heartfelt and haunting horror tales by Australian author Matthew R. Davis, including the Australian Shadows Awards-recognised “This Impossible Gift” and “The Heart of the Mission”, each illustrated with darkly beautiful images by Red Wallflower Photography.

About The Author

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Matthew R. Davis is an author, musician, and general dabbler in the arts based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

When not writing, he plays bass (and other instruments) and sings in heavy bands like Blood Red Renaissance and icecocoon, works in short film and video clips as editor, performer, producer, and actor, performs spoken word, and explores abandoned buildings with his favourite photographer. 

He has published around sixty short stories so far and IF ONLY TONIGHT WE COULD SLEEP (2020) is his first book. Find out more at

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