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Welcome to our Non Fiction collection, where you'll find spectacular titles by Australian authors ready to share amazing true life experiences...

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Crossing Continents Book Cover.jpg

Crossing Continents: A Cycling Odyssey from Norway to Spain Is a tale of enduring hardships and chasing sunsets on a 7000 kilometer bike ride across Europe by bike.


Russell as an experienced cyclist decided that he needed to complete a cycling journey that was equally ambitious and terrifyingly bold. He placed his finger on a tiny landmark at the tip of Norway named ‘Nord Kapp’ and with a quick google search, the tiny coastal town of Tarifa, Spain became the destined finish point. A complete crossing of Europe from the northernmost point of Arctic Norway to the southernmost deserts of Spain. This is a story of perseverance and the power of the mind as Russell learns how to overcome endless challenges in order to keep his wheels moving south. Between being blown off his bike on a remote Arctic Island, pedalling across Europe’s highest peaks and crossing sunburnt deserts with cowboys.


This is a true unscripted cycling adventure to inspire those who wish to travel more adventurously.

A kids book about ADHD.jpg

A Kids Book about ADHD!’ is aimed at helping kids understand and embrace the unique qualities of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Everybody’s brains work differently, and how cool is that? Elly Both wrote ‘A Kids Book about ADHD!’ to help kids with ADHD to understand that despite the challenges they face, they are wonderful, smart humans with unique strengths and abilities. To accept themselves for who they are, and really embrace and value their uniqueness.
The book celebrates neurodiversity and the powerful skills that come with experiencing life, and as a person, with ADHD. Skills such as creativity and ‘hyperfocus’ which is when a person with ADHD fixates on an interest or activity for an extended period, which Elly suggests can signal to a child something that they feel passionate about.


‘A Kids Book about ADHD!' is part of a broader series from “A Kids Co” which is thoughtfully designed to be read together by children and adults, promoting a shared understanding and acceptance of big topics. 

COVER .jpg

Ruth Woods from Craft School Oz has produced a Sculptural Basketry book - Finding Form with Fibre.

It is a spectacular full colour publication with beautiful photos andillustrations.
The book is divided up into three parts:
  • Be inspired - Fourteen featured fibre artists each with their own unique style
  • Gather materials - A detailed section on materials both plant fibre and recycled materials
  • Create your own - The final section the reader can experiment with their own pieces by learning some basic basketrytechniques and encouraged to incorporate them into their own sculpture.
Compassionate Purpose - Andrea Putting.jpg

If you’ve questioned what is your why, or the purpose of life, reading this book will take you beyond your why.


Compassionate Purpose will take you on a journey to discover what true happiness and success are all about.
Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my calling?
These are common questions that haunt everyone at some time in their lives. Compassionate Purpose is a discovery of the calling to service. When we find a purpose greater than ourselves, we find a sense of fulfilment that can change our lives.
Connecting compassion and the desire for purpose brings focus to making the difference that we all long to make, along with a sense of fulfilment and joy that creates a legacy worth living.

Using compassion as your guiding principle, you will unlock the secret of living a life of joy and fulfilment.

Front Cover 1000pixelx625pixel.jpg

Do you want to create a meaningful legacy with your business? Learn how with Compassionate Prosperity!


This book will show you how to turn success into fulfilment and satisfaction for yourself and your business. Through inspiring stories from Andrea’s podcast Social Mission Revolution, Compassionate Prosperity will help you discover the highest purpose of your business and become an authentic influence with a legacy worth living.
Discover how compassion projects in business turn success into fulfilment and satisfaction!
Feel inspired to join the revolution of compassion in business!
Create a meaningful legacy with your business!

Compassionate Prosperity is for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs ready for a new purpose beyond success. Get your copy now and grow a legacy of compassion.


Michael made a name for himself on the hit show Love on the Spectrum. After his televised first dating experiences, will he complete his quest to find his queen?

Chloe was always good at math, with feelings 'too big' to be contained. When she reconnects with her childhood boyfriend, it must be fate. Noor has had a lot on her plate from a young age, especially at home. People-pleasing becomes her survival mode, but Noor can't keep her struggles inside forever.
Jess has spent a lifetime being put into different boxes. Through her strong will and creativity, can she break out and build a life that is truly her own? Tim is a non-speaking autistic man who has been underestimated all his life. But through willpower, technology and a mother's love, he has a chance of finding a different kind of voice.

Through the intimate writing of critically-acclaimed autistic author Kay Kerr, Love & Autism presents an uplifting celebration of neurodivergent love, the search for it and a deeper look into the lives of autistic Australians.

Breathing While Drowning.jpg

She suffered an unimaginable loss. Her journey back from darkness would make her whole again.


Isolated in a small country town, Veronica is already struggling with motherhood, trapped under the yoke of an ordinary life. After her second daughter, Jacqueline is born with severe disabilities, every moment of every day becomes crowded with people and interventions to keep her alive and well. Despite all the intense love and care - and just before her fifth birthday - Jacqueline dies, and Veronica falls into an ocean of grief.


Wishing to never feel the pain of loss again, her grief builds a wall that keeps her emotions safely locked away, until a brave confession offers the first chink of light in that impenetrable barrier. Gradually, aided by friends, mentors, books, and her own cathartic writing, Veronica feels the cold, hard lump of her heart respond. She begins to heal. Inside this poignant memoir, you’ll travel the ten stages of the Heroine’s Journey and learn how to acquire healing along the way. You'll discover how to find feeling and connection to the person you want, and need to be.


Raw journals, tools, and powerful lessons will guide and inspire you to follow your own quest for wholeness—in your own way, at your own pace.

Wholeness Quest A4 v2.jpg

Which version of you is living your life? Is that everything you can be?


The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal invites you to follow your own self-discovery quest in your own way, at your own pace, and in a safe space amongst these pages.


Be guided through the ten signposts of the Heroine’s Journey as you complete reflective exercises and follow journal prompts to explore a whole new version of you. Like Veronica Strachan’s poignant memoir, Breathing While Drowning: One Woman’s Quest for Wholeness, The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal is a message of courage and hope, packed with honesty, wisdom, compassion, and inspiration.


Write yourself a new story and learn to listen to your inner voice – the one telling you to dream more, to do more, and to be more.


The modern political environment is not the first time America’s paranoia infected the world.


Every generation the media is blamed for the unruly behaviour of the young. in the 80s it was Heavy Metal, during the 90s it was rap and computer games.


Well, there was once a time when comic books were branded public menace #1.


Stolpersteine, or stumble stones, are memorials to individuals who occupied the building that they lay outside. The vast majority are refer to Jewish victims of the Nazi holocaust.


The author researched and resurrected stories of those people whose Stolperstein he encountered, some of the tales are very brief while others reveal stories of sacrifice, bravery and survival. This is a thought provoking read, not just names & numbers, but an insight into the insanity of the Nazi regime.


At times the shear brutality of these stories is confronting, but a reminder of our past that never should be forgotten.


The Guyra Ghost remains one of the most famous paranormal events to happen in Australia.


In early April 1921, a series of strange, unexplained events began to happen in the small town of Guyra, New South Wales. Stones were thrown at a house, seemingly from nowhere, the walls rocked with bangs and thuds and a young woman claimed to speak to her dead sister.
But was it a ghost? What did haunt the Bowen family?
This book also covers the reaction of a country, the media, the stage plays and parodies, the attacks and the now lost movie that was made about the hauntings, in the Bowen house, while the haunting was actually happening. More importantly, this book names, for the first time, the most likely suspect for the source of the stone throwing, the failed attacks on Minnie Bowen and the reasons why.


Read about a mad rapist who lived in the Guyra area at the time, and where he fits into the story. The Guyra Ghost Mystery might never be solved, but this book, Hunting The Guyra Ghost, sheds new light on a near 100-year-old event.

BSP War Child cover 2020.jpg

War Child is a true story that spans a hundred years, a tale of Nazi Germany, the lingering effects of war, the 1950s Australian migration experience and a modern-day search.

Magdalena (‘Leni’) is an illegitimate child born in pre-World War II Germany in a small town steeped in superstition. Spurned by her Catholic grandfather, Leni lives in poverty in a country sliding towards war.
At school she joins the Hitler Youth before going to work at fourteen to support her mother and two younger brothers. With no-one to protect her, a sadistic employer forces her to submit to secret systematic rape or face having her mother interned. She quickly learns to stay silent and keep her secret.
As the end of the war approaches, Leni flees the advance of the Red Army, surviving on her wits, transformed from a meek, cowed girl to protector of her family. In the post-war chaos she falls pregnant to her Yugoslav boyfriend, marrying him in a bid to avoid the hardship and stigma that blighted her childhood.


The little family migrates to Australia under the International Refugee Organization program, enduring appalling conditions in Bagnoli Refugee Transit Camp and the hardships of the Bonegilla Migrant Hostel, and now facing the enormous task of beginning a new life in an alien land.

Campfire for the Heart book cover July.jpg

Do you ever wonder…. how other people cope with trauma, grief and tragedy?

How other people rise from their lows? How other people find peace after pain?
Campfire for the Heart answers these questions through powerful and compelling, true stories of human resilience. By learning how other people have converted their darkest times to personal growth and success, you may discover how you too can learn and grow from your hardships, how you can be the hero of your journey, or help others in theirs.

The stories cover a vast range of life experiences from the death of children, violence, Taliban terror and wrongful imprisonment, to droughts, bushfires, cyclones, diseases, injuries, disabilities and trauma from military, police and humanitarian work.


Are you an Overthinker? Too clever for your own good?


Unable to make a decision even after over analysing data in enormous spreadsheets? Feeling stuck and anxious imagining countless what-if scenarios?
Act Before You overThink, to free your mind, skyrocket your productivity and improve your well-being.


Based on more than 365 interviews with overthinkers, Lison Mage uncovers and debunks the three myths of overthinking that hold you back from reaching your full potential, in your career and relationships.

Being An Author.jpg

A memoir is only a slice of a life.


This 'questory' (quest + history) covers more than the beloved cake-eating hippo. 'Not Just a Piece of Cake' is a candid memoir of the realistic process of the process of creativity, via anecdotes. 'Anecdultery' is a Hazel original term for story.
Hazel Edwards takes the reader behind the books. She shares the humour of a diverse work style and family life behind the beloved characters like the cake-eating hippo. Hippocampus is where memories are kept.


Collaborating with illustrators, performers, co-authors and even family, Hazel shares 'the process of the process of writing' and why storytelling matters culturally, and personally.

monsters and creatures book cover.jpg

Monsters and Creatures delves into the legends of some of the worlds best known and most bizarre beasts and ghastly creations, revealing the facts and the fictions.


Explore the real-life origins of some of the strangest creatures ever encountered in the murky depths, in enchanted forests and even one or two who could be lurking under your bed. Discover the real werewolves of medieval Europe, glimpse the magical history of the famed unicorn and encounter the terrifying bloodsucking dogs of Mexico.
All these and more are found within the pages of Monsters and Creatures. More than a bestiary, this carefully researched book documents the mythologies, sightings and origins of over 100 weird and wonderful beasties from every continent and every time period, including modern monsters stalking us today.
All of these creatures have inspired films, books, scientific research, poems and music, as well as our collective dreams and nightmares.


Its time to come meet them and find out the amazing true stories behind these legendary mythical beasts.

Positive Vision.jpg

Poor eyesight never impacted author Ken Brandt's vision of what life could be. Positive Vision makes a rollicking good read from cover to cover.


Whether galloping across the Montana range, exploring claustrophobic (and fiery!) caverns, chasing a thief through the streets of 1980s New York, or taking a plunge from a plane, his adventures are sure to entertain. Complementing the adventures are amusing and relatable anecdotes demonstrating the advantages of poor eyesight.


Enjoy the exciting escapades and interesting insights. Seeing the bright side makes life more fun for you and those around you.

Kokoda Trek ebook cover.jpg

Known as one of the world's most spectacular and challenging treks, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, offers the experience of a lifetime.


On the 75th anniversary of the campaign between Australian and Japanese troops, author Nikki Moyes trekked the 96km of track where her grandfather acted as a translator. Known for its steep, rugged, and muddy mountain terrain, the track also offers stunning scenery, magnificent jungle plant life, and friendly locals.


This is what it is like to hike the Kokoda Track.

SimpleActivitiesforToddler41 jpg.jpg

Do you find yourself repeating the same activities with your toddler and are looking for new innovative ideas on how to keep them amused whilst making learning fun?


If so, Lisa and Thomas have lots of great ideas to help you. The activities in this book are of high educational quality that maximizes the best use of your time, resources, and space. These play-based activities help your child thrive and ensures that they get a head start in life. All the activities have been ´toddler approved´ or field tested by Thomas.
Lisa Forsythe has over 15 years of experience as a teacher across Australia, NZ & UK. Since becoming a mother to Thomas she has focused her time on developing simple activities that develop foundational skills toddlers need to learn before engaging with more complex concepts and understandings.


This is a practical guide for parents that creates opportunities to bond with your child and make beautiful life-long memories.

square Birds cover copy.jpg

Australian wild birds are in our backyards more and more!


Take a walk in an Australian backyard and discover some interesting facts along with some beautiful illustrations. Meet the Clever Cocky, the Kookaburra among other feathered friends in this book.


This book has been Beta feedback with several researchers including from Taronga Zoo, and bird specialists.

F Cov LadyLyrebird.png

Illustrated picture book of the lesser known facts that the Female Superb Lyrebird can sing too! Join Lady Lyrebird as she encounters her male counterparts in an Australian rainforest setting.

Everyone is aware of how male Superb Lyrebirds are brilliant mimics and dancers, but not everyone knows that the female of the species can also sing her own tune!

Show me the Money book cover Mary P.jpg

The Ultimate Step By Step Guide to Making Money By Somebody Who Has Done It.


For as long as I can remember, business has been my love. From my earliest days , helping my father in his business through to building and developing consecutive successful businesses for myself as an adult.
Business is in my blood it is my passion, it is the reason I exist. It is who I am.


I want to teach, guide, inspire and support you on your journey and in the process, help you to make financial gains you so badly desire and deserve.




Jack started to hate his mother at age six. He adopted himself at eight. Had his first affair with a friends European wife at 15. From that point onward, everything was about getting to Europe to chase women and ski, not necessarily in that order.
This book reads like fiction until the reader realizes that it’s a true account of how to meld fun, adventures, business and addictions into a life most can only imagine.
Verbier, Monaco, New York, London and Tahiti, partying with the rich and famous, chasing one sexual exploit after the other while risking life and limb to achieve the most exhilarating experience.


Honestly written, based on memories with over forty photos and comments by those who were involved. If you read one autobiography, READ this one of a life lived differently that will make you wish you were a part of it.

Pixie Dust Front Cover.jpg

How do children survive a mother’s abandonment and a stepmother’s cruelty in an outback town in the 1950s?


With imagination, a strong sibling bond, and humour to escape a bleak home life.


This book will take you on a comical and poignant journey.

One_Path_Many_Lights_Website1 (1).png

One Path, Many Lights takes you on the roller-coaster ride of twelve months in the life of author, counsellor, hypnotherapist and Reiki master teacher, Maria Lacey.


By sharing her story Maria has one aim; to encourage you to recognise that change and adversity can empower you to move forward in your life.


Experience the wonder of spiritual visions after the Chilean earthquake, the grounding fears and anxieties of everyday life, including a life-threatening rush to hospital, surgery a few months later and the personal struggle with anxiety, the ego-self and the mirrored reflection of those around her.

CYBIAY Manual Only Cover .png

COVID closed the face- to- face, year -long , monthly workshop at the PROV (Public Records Office in Victoria) so Hazel’s mentoring went online and this manual for her clients , due to demand, became a print and e book.

‘Complete Your book in a Year’ is aimed at ‘procrastinators’ who have a memoir, family history, or non- fiction work to finish, fix or start. Families interested in investigating their histories, their DNA or their secrets have increased due to  family tree splits, grafts and young twigs joining. AND special stories of so- called ‘ordinary’ people who have done extraordinary things, should be told WELL.
These writing project strategies work for any kind of fiction, faction or non- fiction ‘how to’ book, and represent magnificent tools for any writer's imagination workshop.

And there's a freebie, because Complete Your Book In A Year is now available as a free PDF Downloadable!

Life In The Past Lane.jpg
The lives of two families in Australia and the life that unfolded around them.
The Kingdom and O’Brien families began a new life in Australia during the mid- 1800s. The green and pleasant lands of home were gone; this brown and unforgiving land was their new home. These people had been given a second chance – one man arrived in chains, the rest arrived to avoid starvation. This was the real Survivor – many decades before the creation of B-grade celebrities. But there was more to each of their lives than two dates on a genealogy website.
What did they do during the days and nights? What could they buy and where could they buy it from? What was the entertainment like? Who or what was in the news? In these times there was no Facebook, CNN or even Gogglebox. How did they cope without them? When discovering the shenanigans of a great-great-grandfather who had fifteen children (but only five with his wife), the author also researched the times the families lived in. 
A dry sense of humour prevails with the occasional moment of reflection on the sadder moments. History can be funny, history can be sad – but we need to hear the stories. It is history and it is their story.
Top Hat.jpg

Jan and Ian Mitchell sailed their twenty-five foot yacht, Caprice, around the world between February 1974 and November 1977.


Jan writes about seasickness, gales, learning to navigate, coping with strong currents, rigging failure at sea and repairs. There are also the joys of friendships with other cruising folk, visits to tropical paradises and a stay on an uninhabited island.

Teutoburg to Witta - COVER front copy.jpg

European settlers arrived on the Blackall Range in the 1880s to carve out a place to live among thick vine scrub.


Selection offered them a chance to establish a place of their own, clearing the land using hand tools, felling trees and sawing them into timbers to establish homes, and fence smallholdings which grew into dairy farms. The predominantly German pioneers named their new home Teutoburg, in memory of the forest they left behind. For 30 years they built a community centred around dairy farms and their Lutheran faith.


All that changed in 1916 when, due to anti-German sentiment, Teutoburg was renamed Witta.

Hear Ocean Sing.jpg

In the third volume of Jan Mitchell’s sailing memoirs, Hear the Ocean Sing she tells of her own and Ian’s sufficient recovery in health to return to ocean cruising.


They dream of sailing to Chile and Cape Horn in a sturdy steel yacht. But reality soon hits hard that Libelle and the Chilean channels are not for them. Three years later, they find Osprey A, a tough Brolga 33, at Scarborough Marina in Queensland.


In this volume, Jan takes the reader to sea with her and Ian, experiencing severe seasickness and a dismasting, but also wondering at the beauties of the ocean, its creatures and the pristine wildernesses they visit. She also observes the alterations in wind patterns, currents, water and air temperatures as well as the decrease in corals and other sea life.


These are all symptomatic of the changing climate that is altering our planet’s weather and the world of ocean cruising.

Crossings In Realitas.jpg

Jan and Ian Mitchell (round the world sailors) bought Realitas in 1983 so they could take their two growing boys ocean cruising.


Crossings in Realitas tells of the trials and tribulations of raising their sons and teaching them to respect the ocean and sail her waves.


Realitas was a 32' ocean-going yacht on which the family voyaged up and down the coast, to Tasmania, New Zealand and out to Lord Howe Island several times.

dame nellie book cover.jpg

The true story of Australia's first international Super Star, Dame Nellie Melba.


Part of the critically acclaimed Aussie Heroes series.


This book is a child friendly, informative and entertaining look at the life of Helen Porter Mitchell who became the Opera star, Dame Nellie Melba.

Remarkable You.jpg

If you feel hopeless, this book is for you. ​​​​​​​


Australia's Wendy Burns is on a mission to help anyone who feels hopeless find their way back to hope. Wendy Burns knows what it is to feel that you don't matter. She knows poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and neglect. She knows the days that are so dark that suicide seems like a good solution. ​​​​​​ ​​​​​​
Now an accomplished and influential woman of faith, Wendy shares the incredible true story of how she transformed her life so she can inspire other people to do the same. As well as sharing the lessons she learned along the way, she provides 18 simple actions that you can start anytime, anywhere so you can take steps to discover Remarkable You.


​​​​​​​If you want to STOP feeling hopeless and start believing that YOU ARE REMARKABLE, let Wendy inspire and uplift you and set you on a path to rediscover and reveal your true potential.


As the uncertainty and complexity just seem to keep going, are you running out of ideas to sustain your energy and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well?

'Becoming AntiFragile, Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change' is a practical guide for anyone who wants evidence-based tools to support themselves and their teams through these extra-ordinary times.

In it, Dr Paige Williams asks – and answers - how can we be better through our struggle experiences and learn to thrive through disruption challenge and change.


Short stories that are true and seek to offer advice.

PEEved (Truth) – Every man over 50 must read and heed. Girlfriends and wives should buy this book and compel their man to read it. It will not only save lives and relationships, but the explicit suffering expressed in this story.
BILL'S STORY (Truth) – This is guest author Bill Van Atten’s story of an issue that is as important as PEEved. Another serious narrative of how to understand, research, and make decisions that can literally save your life.
GEORGE (Advice) – Saddened and lost after the death of his wife, George decides to pick up the pieces and live. George tackles the confusing, frightening, and enlightening world of internet dating.
NOT ALL DAYS ARE THE SAME (Truth) – Some love holidays and birthdays. Others dread the thought. One man’s take on the days of the year that will shock some and encourage others.
OFF THE GRID (Advice) – A life of luxury comes to an end when the money is gone and the forced sale of the home of forty years is imminent. Shattered and facing homelessness, a friend comes to the rescue with a plan that defies the law.


BEING AN AUTHOR (Truth & Advice) – If you have ever thought about writing a book, here are some do’s and don’ts.


Harry Williams from the age of ten years wanted to become a drover, like his father and grandfather before him.


This is his life story of leaving school at ten years old, operating his first droving plant at thirteen years and fully operational at twenty-one years old.


Droving is now a craft past its used by date. Harry Williams didn't think so.


From Cornwall to an untamed South Australia...


Based on the true story of the Bryar family, who left their homeland in search of a better life. Richard and his son Thomas secure free passage to South Australia, where they dream of a new beginning working in the copper mine of Burra.

FCoverCOCKATOO! (1).png

Australian illustrator and author brings a new insight of how Cockatoos are integrated into our lives.


Common themes are destructive and comical as the birds enrich in our environs as we clear theirs. Inspired by wild Australian cockatoos behaviour in urban areas, and how Cockatoos are adapting and behaviour in urban and suburbs.



Georgia is a conservation ecologist, reptile biologist and explorer who has trekked many continents and travelled thousands of kilometres in a sea kayak, all in the name of science, adventure and research!


As a child she would watch David Attenborough investigate the mysteries of nature and was inspired to follow in his footsteps. Her key contribution to science is her implementation of the ‘Taste Aversion’ technique to reduce deaths of native animals who were consuming cane toads. Georgia’s work stems from a fascination with nature and a sense of guardianship over wild animals and wild places.


She explores shifting ecological patterns, conservation strategies and animal behaviour, and works with the indigenous ranger network across northern Australia.


Munjed is a humanitarian and world-leading pioneer of surgical osseointegration.


The book follows pivotal moments in Munjed’s life: becoming a surgeon under the regime of Saddam Hussein, fleeing from war-torn Iraq and arriving at Christmas Island in a rickety boat, being held in the Curtain Detention Centre, his hard-gained medical success, and his acknowledgement as the 2020 NSW Austalian of the Year.
“Life is about making a difference,” Munjed says. “We all have a mission in life, to leave behind a legacy.”


His resilience, determination and view of the world as a glass half full, not half empty, has helped him excel in his chosen career. His humanitarian work is equally as impressive, and includes being an ambassador for Red Cross, working with Amnesty International, and becoming a patron of the Asylum Seekers Centre.


Gisela Kaplan’s story begins in post-World War II Germany.


Despite incredible challenges as a child, she retained a profound curiosity, care and compassion for all living things. Her captivating, ground-breaking scientific research on Australian magpies, tawny frogmouths and other iconic bird species, as well as primates, make Prof. Kaplan a world-leading expert in animal behaviour, especially of Australian birds.

Professor Kaplan is on a mission to spread the word about how intelligent and surprising birds are, before time runs out for many of them.


Eddie Woo has already packed a lot into his short life.


Australian High School Maths teacher, education ambassador and advisor, author, TV Host and YouTube sensation, Eddie has been putting the magic in maths for the past ten years, allowing students to learn in creative and practical ways, and being at the forefront of school-based integrated STEM education.


His is an inspiring story of empathy, generosity, mentorship, personal connection, and overcoming adversity.


Aussie STEM Stars is an inspiring children’s series that celebrates Australia’s experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Fiona is the daughter of fifth-generation Yorkshire coal-miners, who encouraged her to try everything from ballet to street fighting. They instilled in her the value of hard work, although Fiona was often teased by others for being ‘different’ and wanting more than her tiny Yorkshire village could offer.
She faced prejudice and sexism in her professional career but fought for her chance to become a medical student and work as a surgeon.


She eventually became one of the world’s leading burns surgeon and Head of the Burns Unit at Royal Perth Hospital and is the inventor of spray-on skin.

Cover Cycling Solo.jpeg

Many twenty- and thirty-somethings intend to "do" an extreme adventure, somewhere exotic, but most just dream or join the coach tour. Trevelyan Edwards dared to cycle and walk alone.

‘Cycling Solo: Ireland to Istanbul’ explores five months of cycling soloacross Europe. From Ireland to Istanbul via the UK, France, Germany,the Swiss Alps, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey, with9000 kilometres of forgettable camp-sites, punctures, falls and  random kindnesses in between, this is a journey worth sharing, particularly when told with such candour.
All on a budget of nothing.

In "Cycling Solo", Trevelyan has found his voice but the bike is in bits! Aimed at those seeking adventure and imaginative problem solving, this book  appeals to backpackers, travellers and those who enjoy "being there".

Would you like to see your book here? Simply fill out our submission form on the For Authors page and we'll proudly add your title to our library!

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