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COVID closed the face- to- face, year -long , monthly workshop at the PROV (Public Records Office in Victoria) so Hazel’s mentoring went online and this manual for her clients , due to demand, became a print and e book.

‘Complete Your book in a Year’ is aimed at ‘procrastinators’ who have a memoir, family history, or non- fiction work to finish, fix or start. Families interested in investigating their histories, their DNA or their secrets have increased due to  family tree splits, grafts and young twigs joining. AND special stories of so- called ‘ordinary’ people who have done extraordinary things, should be told WELL.

We need to know about local heroes. Modest ones in our families. And others in our communities. A hero is a role model who solves problems for their community. Or finds new ways of doing things. Their stories are worth telling in accessible formats.

These writing project strategies work for any kind of fiction, faction or non- fiction ‘how to’ book, and include a "Hazelnuts" page featuring students who have been mentored to publication across a year for some extra inspiration. 

Praise for Complete Your Book In A Year -

'Flexible enough to apply to any genre,'  Ryan Kennedy, New Zealand

'Well organised month by month plans,' Maribel Steel: 'Jaws' assisted reviewer

'To turn an idea into reality,' Darren Arnott

'A must- have for an aspiring writer,' Carolyn Hirsh

About The Author

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As an author-educator Hazel Edwards OAM is interested in helping procrastinators craft the stories of quiet heroes from their families and elsewhere. The “Hazelnuts’ are those who published their works after Hazel’s mentoring.

Her ‘Writing a Non Boring Family History’ workshops, talks and book have saved many relatives from boring reading, just by ‘Tweaking’ anecdotes and facts to make them easily readable. Now ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’, which was originally offered at the PROV (Victorian Public Records Office) is available online.  

Hazel’s publications include the classic picture book series ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake’(Puffin) which turned 40 in 2020. She also writes adult mysteries, non fiction and scripts. You can learn more about Hazel by visiting

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