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Crossing Continents: A Cycling Odyssey from Norway to Spain Is a tale of enduring hardships and chasing sunsets on a 7000 kilometer bike ride across Europe by bike. 

Russell as an experienced cyclist decided that he needed to complete a cycling journey that was equally ambitious and terrifyingly bold. He placed his finger on a tiny landmark at the tip of Norway named ‘Nord Kapp’ and with a quick google search, the tiny coastal town of Tarifa, Spain became the destined finish point. A complete crossing of Europe from the northernmost point of Arctic Norway to the southernmost deserts of Spain. 

This is a story of perseverance and the power of the mind as Russell learns how to overcome endless challenges in order to keep his wheels moving south. Between being blown off his bike on a remote Arctic Island, pedalling across Europe’s highest peaks and crossing sunburnt deserts with cowboys. 

This is a true unscripted cycling adventure to inspire those who wish to travel more adventurously.

About The Author

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Hi my name is Russell Nankervis. I have ridden and raced bikes in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. From competing internationally in cross country mountain biking to cycle tours across Asia and Europe I have a passion for sharing travel stories that would otherwise be forgotten. 

My most recent adventure has been recollecting stories from my Cape to Cape crossing of Europe whereby I cycled unsupported from arctic Norway to southern Spain. You can read about this 7000km trek in my book, 'Crossing Continents: A Cycling Odyssey from Norway to Spain'.

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