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Do you ever wonder….  how other people cope with trauma, grief and tragedy? 

How other people rise from their lows? 

How other people find peace after pain?  

Campfire for the Heart answers these questions through powerful and compelling, true stories of human resilience. By learning how other people have converted their darkest times to personal growth and success, you may discover how you too can learn and grow from your hardships, how you can be the hero of your journey, or help others in theirs.  

The stories cover a vast range of life experiences from the death of children, violence, Taliban terror and wrongful imprisonment, to droughts, bushfires, cyclones, diseases, injuries, disabilities and trauma from military, police and humanitarian work.  

The storytellers are mostly unknown heroes of their personal journeys, while others are well-known champions of resilience – Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, celebrity chef Matt Golinski, Steve Parish OAM and Gayle Shann – while cave-diving legend and Co-Australian of the Year 2019, Dr Craig Challen, opens the book with a foreword.  

The ‘campfire’ stories are beyond inspiring. They stretch your perception of resilience, restore your love of humanity and illuminate pathways to happiness for us all.  Campfire for the Heart is the first in a series of books. Campfire for a Woman's Heart, which features 25 stories of inspiring, international women, will be released in early 2023.   

The books have been well supported by journalists, mental health and resilience experts, various Australians of the Year, national and international authors including Dr Arun Gandhi.

About The Author

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Natalie believes that hardships are an inevitable and essential part of  life experience that shape our character and enrich our lives. 

How we  handle our hardships is a choice. 

After surviving her own personal  challenges of droughts, divorce and disease, Natalie eventually woke  up to the importance of resilience for our mind and body. She  subsequently resigned from her job as CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, and dived into the world of wellness. 

Natalie is on  a mission to make happier, resilient people.

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