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Australia's Wendy Burns is on a mission to help anyone who feels hopeless find their way back to hope. Wendy Burns knows what it is to feel that you don't matter. She knows poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and neglect. And she knows the days that are so dark that suicide seems like a good solution.

After growing up dirt poor with alcoholic parents, Wendy believed her life would follow the same chaotic, destructive path to suicide theirs did.

Although she felt damned, she was determined to spare her children the same legacy so she started attending church with them. That decision was the first step on her journey to unshackle herself from the legacy of her circumstances and reveal the extent of her potential.

Now an accomplished and influential woman of faith, Wendy shares the incredible true story of how she transformed her life so she can inspire other people to do the same. As well as sharing the lessons she learned along the way, she provides 18 simple actions that you can start anytime, anywhere so you can take steps to discover Remarkable You.

If you want to STOP feeling hopeless and start believing that YOU ARE REMARKABLE, let Wendy inspire and uplift you and set you on a path to rediscover and reveal your true potential.

Praise for Remarkable You -

"Wendy's story is one of hope, courage and victory. It draws us towards a deeper longing for healing, something we all desire yet find difficult to articulate. Throughout the pages of this book, you'll draw encouragement from Wendy's remarkable journey and when the final pages are turned, you'll walk away empowered and filled with hope and possibilities." - Christopher Sajnendra

"This is a story of a battle royal. It is an extraordinary example of how a person can overcome some of the worst early experiences in one's life and become a fully functioning contributor to their own life and the lives of others." - Margaret Thorsborne

About The Author

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Wendy Burns was born into poverty in NSW to alcoholic and abusive parents. Now an international leadership coach and consultant, she is on a mission to help others throw off the shackles of their circumstances. A regular speaker on Christian media, she is a proud mother and grandmother.

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