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Are you an Overthinker? Too clever for your own good? Unable to make a decision even after over analysing data in enormous spreadsheets? Feeling stuck and anxious imagining countless what-if scenarios?   

Act Before You overThink, to free your mind, skyrocket your productivity and improve your well-being. Based on more than 365 interviews with overthinkers, Lison Mage uncovers and debunks the three myths of overthinking that hold you back from reaching your full potential, in your career and relationships.  

Backing up her findings with psychological studies and behavioural sciences, Act Before You overThink offers practical strategies and tools addressing the different types of overthinking, to break free from stress, self-doubt and perfectionism.  

You will learn how to: Gain control over your deepest fears and show up as your most empowered self, Balance thinking and doing, setting you on a path to greater joy and purpose, Build confidence and decisiveness when facing complex choices  Don’t wait any longer to get out of your own way! 

It’s time to liberate your mind, improve your decisions, and gift the world your best self.

About The Author

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Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, performance and mindset coach. She works primarily with technology companies to elevate engagement and performance by providing their leaders and teams with practical and science-based strategies and tools, to foster a growth mindset and enhance their decision-making processes.   

Ex-engineer, she went through a massive career change after working on three different continents in some of the major software companies such as Salesforce and Oracle, to embrace her vocation: empowering people and teams to perform at their full potential.

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