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Many twenty- and thirty-somethings intend to "do" an extreme adventure, somewhere exotic, but most just dream or join the coach tour. Trevelyan Edwards dared to cycle and walk alone.

‘Cycling Solo: Ireland to Istanbul’ explores five months of cycling solo across Europe. From Ireland to Istanbul via the UK, France, Germany, the Swiss Alps, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey, with

9000 kilometres of forgettable camp-sites, punctures, falls and  random kindnesses inbetween, this is a journey worth sharing, particularly when told with such candour. All on a budget of nothing.

In "Cycling Solo", Trevelyan has found his voice but the bike is in bits! Aimed at those seeking adventure and imaginative problem solving,  this book  appeals to backpackers, travellers and those who enjoy "beinig there".

Crafted short ex-blog entries and ironic captions also make it appealing for those who like a quick read.

About The Author

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Hazel Edwards’ publications include the classic picture book series ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake’(Puffin) which turned 40 in 2020. Son Trevelyan is the original 4 year old who inspired the hippo book. He’s co-written two adventure memoirs about cycling alone for five months from Ireland to Istanbul and later walking the five months of The Appalachian Trail in America. He wore out two pairs of boots, and was one of only two Australians to finish that year. 

His real name IS Quest. Mother and son are still talking to each other. Trevelyan Edwards now works outback as a hydrogeologist, and is married with two young sons.

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