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Money makes the world go around.....or does it? 

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are often driven by money however it's those that are driven by something greater than themselves, doing or giving something that can assist others, that's when success takes on a different meaning. 

Andrea lives and breathes a selfless devotion to helping others in all walks of life from around the world. Her insight into human behaviour and her giving of time to those who seek her compassion and guidance has helped many people on their journey of discovery and prosperity. Knowledge gained serves only one, knowledge shared serves thousands. Andrea continues her search for knowledge through her podcast whilst sharing with many others who tune in. 

Compassionate prosperity can be achieved by everyone, especially with the guidance from this book and listening to Andrea’s podcast. 

Warren Tate – Professional Speaker, Best-selling Author, Executive Communication and Presentation Coach.  "In a world often defined by material wealth and financial success, "Compassionate Prosperity - When Success is Not Enough" by Andrea Putting offers a profound and transformative perspective. This enlightening book challenges the traditional notion of success and guides readers toward a life rich in compassion, purpose, and meaning."

 Redefining Success: Andrea Putting invites readers to break free from the confines of traditional success, which is often equated with monetary achievements. She introduces the concept of "compassionate prosperity," an approach that redefines success to encompass not only personal gain but also the well-being of others and the world. 

Discovering Your Purpose: Drawing from extensive research and personal experience, Andrea emphasises that genuine prosperity lies in aligning our actions with our core values and life purpose. Through engaging stories and actionable insights, the book encourages readers to explore the profound impact of their choices on their own lives, their communities, and the world at large. 

A Blueprint for Visionary Leaders: "Compassionate Prosperity" serves as a guide for visionary leaders who understand that their influence extends far beyond the business realm. Andrea’s book empowers leaders to embrace their roles as catalysts for positive change, urging them to lead with authenticity, empathy, and a commitment to creating a better world. 

A Call to Action: "Compassionate Prosperity" isn't merely a book; it's a call to action. It challenges readers to step outside their comfort zones, question societal norms, and embark on a journey toward a more prosperous and purpose-driven life. Through storytelling and thought-provoking exercises, the book equips readers with the tools needed to bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them. 

In a world that often fixates on material accumulation, "Compassionate Prosperity" offers a refreshing and vital perspective. Andrea Putting's compelling narrative invites readers to redefine success, cultivate prosperity with purpose, and ultimately discover a more fulfilling life—one that extends its abundance to the world. For those seeking a path to success that transcends monetary wealth and status, "Compassionate Prosperity" serves as a guiding light. It's a book that has the power to transform lives, businesses, and communities, one compassionate choice at a time.

About The Author

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Andrea Putting is an international speaker, author and trusted advisor to Authentic Influencers. Through her keynote speeches, books, programs and podcasts, she guides individuals and businesses in building co-creative communities and adopting social missions.   

After studying Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, Andrea started her business as an early adopter of the online world. When she sold this business, she entered the workforce as an employee. Here she discovered a world that also needed healing. Her deep exploration led her to the Social Mission Revolution.   

Since 2019, Andrea has been championing the causes of passionate people making a difference in the world through her podcast, Social Mission Revolution. The podcast highlights inspirational people and businesses who have an Authentic influence on the world through social mission.  When we combine our passions, something magical can be created. Andrea’s passions and values came together to create her social mission, where people can come together to break down barriers. 

Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony began on 15 December 2015. Chocolate and Coffee Breaks evolved in 2020 to transform situations where there are feelings of nonacceptance and misunderstanding into building a community spirit.  

Andrea was awarded the Toastmaster of the Year in her local club in 2016. She was honoured with awards as the Best Volunteer and Best Tribe Member in global awards with Speakers Tribe in 2020 and nominated as Best Leader in 2021. She received a Wordsmith award at the Innov8 Awards in 2021.  

Andrea’s writings have inspired and challenged people over the internet for over 20 years. As an author, she has written “Awakened Stealth Leadership – A Soulful Approach to Growing People and Organisations,” inspired by more than four decades of experience in leadership, the award-winning and best-selling “Compassionate Prosperity, When Success is Not Enough” and “Moment of Infinity, Anthology of Daily Devotionals.” She has also provided chapters in various books and written many published articles.  

Andrea Putting lives in Melbourne, Australia, amongst the gumtrees, kangaroos and cockatoos with her husband and pet cockatoo, Fella. She has two adult children and two grandchildren who keep her jumping in puddles.

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