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How do children survive a mother’s abandonment and a stepmother’s cruelty in an outback town in the 1950s? With imagination, a strong sibling bond, and humour to escape a bleak home life.

Bonnie is a child raised in a small town in New South Wales in the fifties with her five siblings. Her oldest brother Keith, returns to boarding school and her mother leaves without warning, taking the two youngest, Zilla and Tippy with her.

Bonnie and her brother Ross learn to survive the new live-in partner and isolation with a spate of chemistry experiments and imaginative adolescent pranks. This results in severe punishment and greater reason to explore the realms of their magic.

Adventures unfold around simpler times where the freedom of the bush and a bleak emotional upbringing join to create a bond between brother and sister that will take you on a comical and heart wrenching journey.

Praise for Pixie Dust -

"It's sad and funny and really well told. One minute you're laughing, the next crying. Really well worth the read. It only took me 2 nights to read the whole book, I couldn't put it down!" - Smashwords Review

"This is a great story of survival, resilience and sibling love. I love the way Bronwyn mixes the sad with humour. Very cleverly written. A must read!" - Smashwords Review

"What a wonderful story, so well told. Often poignant, sometimes heartbreaking yet sprinkled with love and humour. The unbreakable bond of sibling love shines through in this recollection of the trials and tribulations of growing up in rural Australia." - Smashwords Review

About The Author

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Bronwyn is a retired music teacher and although interested in writing during her school years, but didn't begin to write seriously until her retirement.

She lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia and when not writing, dabbles in watercolours, acrylics, photography and gardening. During her working life she has been a governess, cleaner, waitress, punch card operator, creative costume designer, secretary and for a brief period – a cook on the Nullarbor.

She enjoys relaxing with a good mystery and glass of red. This is her first book.

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