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Droving in outback Queensland was a roaring trade in the late 1940's and 50's. 

Australia lived off the sheep's back with wool being one pound sterling for one pound of wool. Everyone had money.  Sheep and cattle needed to be taken from place to place. 

It was common to see at least six droving camps taking sheep or cattle across the outback of south-west Queensland from property to property.  This book is about the life of Harry Williams, who wanted to be a drover, the same as his father and grandfather before him.  

At aged ten years he left school and commenced work. By thirteen years he had his own droving plant. By twenty-one he was a fully pledged drover in his own right.  At times he overcome many obstacles in his path. 

One epic trip he was Boss Drover to take 500 bullocks from Bulloo Downs in South West Queensland to Clifton Hills in South Australia, a journey to take twelve months.  

He was the last of the old drovers. A huge part in Australian history.

About The Author

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Hi Everyone, Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Pat Ritter. Since 1988 I have been writing and publishing books, and in 2009 I decided to publish my books as e-books. 

At this stage of my writing I am converting from writing true life stories to fictional or better known – storytelling and it’s difficult I can tell you. I’m giving it my best. 

Reading is a passion. When I read I try and place myself in the writer’s seat and endeavour to work out how they wrote the story. I enjoy reading interesting stories filled with passion, desire with a happy ending.

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