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Have you heard of ADHD? 

A person with ADHD has a unique way of experiencing the world around them, and sometimes, that can feel challenging. But author, Elly Both, believes there are powerful skills that come with this special way of experiencing life-and as a person with ADHD, she knows it's true! 

Everybody's brain works differently, and how cool is that? A Kids Book about ADHD!’ written by Elly is aimed at helping kids understand and embrace the unique qualities of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

Diagnosed with ADHD in her early 40’s, Elly has transformed her personal journey into a source of empowerment, not only for herself but for young minds grappling with similar experiences. Elly wrote ‘A Kids Book about ADHD!’ to help kids with ADHD to understand that despite the challenges they face, they are wonderful, smart humans with unique strengths and abilities. To accept themselves for who they are, and really embrace and value their uniqueness. 

The book celebrates neurodiversity and the powerful skills that come with experiencing life, and as a person, with ADHD. Skills such as creativity and ‘hyperfocus’ which is when a person with ADHD fixates on an interest or activity for an extended period, which Elly suggests can signal to a child something that they feel passionate about. 

‘A Kids Book about ADHD!' is part of a broader series from “A Kids Co” which is thoughtfully designed to be read together by children and adults, promoting a shared understanding and acceptance of big topics. 

To find out more about the book, and Elly’s online ADHD support community, visit

About The Author

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Elly Both (she/her) is an Aussie mum living in the jungle in Singapore with her awesome family. She is passionate about protecting the planet and its inhabitants, and creating a more conscious and sustainable world. She is also a newly published author, having recently released her first book, “A Kids Book about ADHD!” through A Kids Co.

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