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As the uncertainty and complexity just seem to keep going, are you running out of ideas to sustain your energy and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well?

'Becoming AntiFragile, Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change' is a practical guide for anyone who wants evidence-based tools to support themselves and their teams through these extra-ordinary times.

In it, Dr Paige Williams asks – and answers - how can we be better through our struggle experiences and learn to thrive through disruption challenge and change. She combines the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and leadership into practical, actionable ways to reduce fragility and move beyond resilience to confidently navigate uncertainty.

The book provides practical guiding principles to help you:

• Embrace change rather than resist it

• Lean into challenge rather than avoid it

• Learn to thrive when times get tough.

If you want to learn practical ways to develop AntiFragile energy, attitudes and mindsets then this is the book for you.

Praise for Anti Fragile -

"Dr Paige Williams combines intellect with insight to help us understand how to move beyond resilience to become antifragile. She gives us the science and guides us through the practices that help us both professionally and personally. This is a must read for leaders navigating complex change." - Professor Lea Waters, PhD, organisational psychologist, researcher and author of the Strength Switch.

"Paige has captured the concept of anti-fragility in a way that can be grasped by all. A fascinating and educational read! I highly recommend it!" - Amazon Review

"If our life is defined by the choices we make this might be one of the most important we choose to make: to see adversity and suffering as a place for growth and opportunity. This book explores that choice brilliantly!" - Matt Church, Leadership Expert, Founder, Thought Leaders

About The Author

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Dr Paige Williams helps leaders move beyond resilience to thrive through disruption, challenge and change.

​Using a potent blend of positive psychology, neuroscience and leadership together with her own research and over 20 years international business leadership experience, Paige is passionate about making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day.

Through her conference speaking, her leadership programs and her writing, Paige focuses on replacing fear with confidence; replacing confusion with clarity and motivating leaders to create positive purposeful progress for themselves and the people they lead.

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