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How far would you go in the name of love?


Sarah Parsons has a choice ahead of her. After the trip of a lifetime she’s somehow returned home with TWO handsome men wanting to whisk her away into the sunset. Pulled in two directions across the globe, it’s making life trickier than it sounds.
Her gorgeous American Josh, wants to meet Sarah in Hawaii for a holiday to remember. Meanwhile silver fox James plans to wine and dine her in London. It’s a lot to handle for this Aussie girl, who had totally sworn off men!


Join Sarah after her adventure in One Summer in Santorini, for the heart-warming and uplifting third novel in The Holiday Romance series.

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Sarah has had enough of men.


It’s time to rekindle her first true love – travel – so she books a sailing trip around the Greek islands with a group of strangers. The very last thing Sarah wants is to meet someone new, but then a gorgeous American man boards her yacht…
And when she also encounters a handsome silver fox who promises her the world, she realises that trouble really does come in twos.


Will Sarah dive into a holiday fling or stick to her plan to steer clear of men, continue her love affair with feta and find her own way after all?

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Note to self - don’t sleep with your flatmate after a curry and three bottles of wine… especially if he’s secretly in love with you and wants you to meet his mum.


Cat Parsons is on the run. She doesn’t do relationships. After ten years of singlehood even the hint of the ‘L’ word is enough to get Cat packing her bags and booking herself onto a two-week holiday.
A European bus tour feels like a stroke of genius to dodge awkward conversations at home. But little does Cat realise that the first stop will be Paris, the city of love itself. Joined by new friends, Cat has got two weeks, eight countries and a hell of a lot of wine ahead of her.


As they discover hidden treasures and the camaraderie of life on the road, will Cat find a new way of looking at love?

What would you do if your boyfriend dumped you at your parent's 30th wedding anniversary party?
I know I should be more upset about my break up, but the truth is I'm more annoyed that he did it before I could and that he did it at my parent's party! Who the hell does that?
Meeting Gabe should be the highlight of that horrid day, but I don't remember meeting his handsome face.
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Karen Romano met and fell in love with John Pascoe when she was eighteen.


He was her first love and she thought they would last forever. But like so many first loves, they didn’t last forever, and Karen was devastated when it ended. Martin Cosgrove, a country boy born in far western New South Wales, who moved to the city and became a highly paid executive working for the Australian government, fell in love with Karen at their first meeting and courted her until she agreed to marry him.


He turned out to be a devoted and loving husband.

Caitlin was used to living in abandoned buildings, or derelict houses.

She didn't expect much out of life.
All she wanted was a better life for her brother, and eight letters.
Sam was a successful architect on his way to the top of the industry.
The last thing he needed was a relationship with a woman in charge of her little brother.

And, what the hell were the eight letters all about?
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Laura Prescott is a city girl.


She lives in Melbourne and enjoys the life of a single girl in 1970, with no intention of marrying any time soon, if at all. She has no desire to live the life she sees her mother has, with a house full of children.
Things change suddenly after she loses her job and she finds herself faced with very different choices.


She finds a new life in the outback, with a new kind of love and a new kind of pain.


An Ancient Power - a forbidden love.


Smart-mouthed journalism student Freely is not your average 18-year-old. Her best friend is a vampire, and they spend most weekends hiding bodies. But when she meets the handsome foreigner, Zan, a strange magic connects them that is older than time.
Bound to him, ancient lore decrees she must learn her gypsy powers in time to protect him from the vampires who seek immortality through his blood.


Can she betray her friend? Will she learn to see Zan as a fighting partner only, and ignore their mutual attraction? Can she allow him to continue his line, at the expense of her heart? Or will her love for him destroy them both?

At 38 years old, Jarrod Turner has everything - literally.

A successful chain of hotels in five countries.
Private 727 jet.
Fleet of cars - Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Sports.
A Harley Davidson Softail.
And, a cruising yacht berthed at the bottom of the garden of his waterfront home.

Yep, he had everything.

So, what was it which brought back bitter memories, year after year and prevented him from moving on with his life?

Would he ever learn to live in the present instead of the past?

Ancient Mystery, Timeless Love - An Eternity as an immortal in slavery was not what she had in mind!


Desperate and alone, sixteen-year-old Megan uses a powerful and ancient talisman to escape modern-day life and make a new start in ancient Egypt. But powerful enemies lie in wait, seeking her destruction and the magical scarab necklace she wields.
Will an alliance with another immortal, the handsome and secretive Franklin, help keep her from harm long enough to learn the secrets of the scarab? Or will he cause her to lose everything – including her heart.


This, the first in the Scarab trilogy, will hook you in and leave you gasping - a time-travel romance with mystery, adventure, murder and love.

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Lara, an English language teacher, is falling in love with one of her adult Brazilian students.


At the same time, her long-term relationship with her partner Alex is falling apart. Desperate for some time alone to discover who she really is and what she truly wants, she successfully applies for a six-month job in China. 
Alex meanwhile is conflicted, as their mutual friend Sondra makes a play for him soon after Lara's departure. To help him decide the future of their relationship, Alex heads to China for a four-week holiday with Lara. During this time exploring the sights and experiencing the different culture together, Alex and Lara's relationship begins to change.


But will an unexpected element bring them closer together or completely tear them apart?

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Primary school teacher Annie Yates has a great job and friends she can count on, but her love life has never worked out the way she wanted.


If it wasn’t bad enough that, years ago, she fell madly in love with Jack Delaney before realising he was gay, now her new fiancé has walked out on her. Her world has come crashing down. All she’s ever wanted was security, love and a family of her own. Her plans for motherhood have gone out the door… or have they?
Jack, now Annie’s best friend, wants to co-parent together. Plenty of women have babies and end up co-parenting, so what’s so bad about starting out that way? This is a second chance she never expected, but nothing ever did go smoothly for Annie.


Is having a baby with your gay best friend a recipe for disaster, or could this be the platonic love story Annie had never imagined?

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Ali loves teaching at Barrington Place in tropical New Ireland. Its secluded sunlit world is surrounded by steamy equatorial jungle, beautiful but uncannily alluring.


Here Ali befriends Craig and loveable larrikin Dave. Long after the generator goes off at night, they huddle around a hurricane lantern, sharing secrets by its mesmeric, flickering light. Beautiful Tessa joins the staff. The relational dynamics shift uneasily. Is Ali doomed to become a background figure, dwarfed by Tessa’s flamboyance? To Ali’s disappointment, Dave starts going out with Tessa.


Does he know about her pact with Jon, her Vietnam vet boyfriend in Brisbane? – a pact which requires her to go instantly to him if he signals?

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At sixteen, neurodivergent Peta Lyre is the success story of social training. That is, until she finds herself on a school ski trip and falling in love with the new girl.


Peta will need to decide which rules to keep, and which rules to break… 'I'm Peta Lyre,' I mumble. Look people in the eye if you can, at least when you greet them. I try, but it's hard when she is smiling so big, and leaning in.
Peta Lyre is far from typical. The world she lives in isn't designed for the way her mind works, but when she follows her therapist's rules for 'normal' behaviour, she can almost fit in without attracting attention.
When a new girl, Sam, starts at school, Peta's carefully structured routines start to crack. But on the school ski trip, with romance blooming and a newfound confidence, she starts to wonder if maybe she can have a normal life after all. When things fall apart, Peta must decide whether all the old rules still matter.


Does she want a life less ordinary, or should she keep her rating normal? A moving and joyful own voices debut.

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When Callie Taylor was eighteen she eloped with her high school sweetheart.

Then they broke up. On the same day. And they never told anyone that they were married.
Almost a year later, Bill Darcy is back, living in the house next door and caring for his recently-orphaned sister. And he's determined to win Callie back. Over the course of a single day, Callie finds herself learning some huge life lessons as she struggles to reconcile her head with her heart.


Can she forgive Bill? Or, more importantly, does she even want to?


Ferris wakes on the Sea Queen, an enchanted cruise ship sailing on a chocolate sea.


He has no idea how he got here, but he desperately wants to go home to his boyfriend. The alchemist is the only person who can help Ferris, but he’s been kidnapped.
The ransom is high tea with scones and jam. Meanwhile, the passengers are gearing up for the Winter Masquerade, a ball where love and magic reign.


With a murderous musician, an absent boyfriend, and a mystical party, Ferris soon learns that Wednesday is not the day to fall in love.


Close friends Allan and Warwick are dead.


They’re not crazy about the idea, so to help them deal with this dilemma are Samantha, a blond bombshell from the 1950s, and Guy, an insecure angel.
Allan also has a secret.
He has a romantic crush on his friend, Warwick, but shortly after confiding in his new angel pal, his love interest falls for the cock-sure playwright, Pedro.


Not only does Allan have to win the heart of his companion, he also has to grapple with the faded memory of how he actually died.




Nate once had the love of his life, but he’s met Cameron, a New York millionaire with an eccentric cross-dressing butler. Cameron is keen to share his world of classy restaurants, Broadway shows, and fabulous parties, and while Nate’s friends see the makings of a fantasy romance, it’s Nate who has to learn how to open his heart again. But is Cameron simply second best?




Nate’s life couldn’t be better. He’s living with his rich boyfriend, Cameron, in New York while being wined and dined all over the city. But when Nate decides to visit his friends back in Sydney, Cameron suggests they break it off for a while. Cam’s cross-dressing butler is not impressed, and with the help of his lesbian aunt, they drag Cameron down-under to sort out his relationship and take in the sights of Mardi Gras!


With Nate at a loss to what went wrong, he faces the dim reality that love may have run its course.


Like many of us, Eve is on her own journey. This story is one which will relate to many who struggle with life but eventually find peace.


As this book takes Eve on her own journey, we are taken along for the ride with her, through themes of social justice and self enlightenment.

Meet Me at the Hanging Tree Ebook Cover.

It seemed like the perfect vacation. Val’s boyfriend proposes — at last — and the romance-challenged slug can’t even get that right.


So, she’s off with BFF Stella on their long-delayed Down Under trip of a lifetime. When their psychedelic RV breaks down in West Australian wine country, they have to get work fast.
Local hero Tim helps out but, just when Val’s falling for his surfer-boy charms, he gets himself in big, big trouble. Are Val’s dubious detective skills enough to outwit mobsters, bikie gangs and drug dealers so she can save the man she loves?


If you like a fun, mystery-romance in the style of Ann Charles, Vanessa Gray Bartal, Jenna Bennett or Amanda M Lee, you’ll love Meet Me at the Hanging Tree.

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Evan awakes from a coma in a Melbourne hospital, having no idea how he has arrived there.


His life feels over.


Then he meets a physiotherapist named Violet who helps him on the road to recovery.

Butterfly Hunter LT - FINAL eBook cover.

It started as a simple assignment for Aussie bush guide Dave Taylor – escort a lone Englishman in quest of an unknown species of butterfly...


However Nicholas Goring is no ordinary tourist, his search is far from straightforward, and it’s starting to look as if the butterflies don’t want to be found.


As Dave teaches Nicholas everything he needs to survive in the Outback he discovers that he too has quite a bit to learn – and that very often the best way to locate something really important is just not to want to find it…


If I’d known what it was that night, the night I picked it up, I never would have touched it. But now, it’s too late. I read his latest entry, my heart in my mouth.


Ah, Josephine. I’d like to leave her alive a little longer, find out more about her, she is attractive to me in some undefinable way. But I cannot take the chance. She knows too much of me, of my world, and this cannot be permitted. I will come for her tonight. And she will die. Of course, I will have to make it interesting; she already knows how I have killed others. Haven’t I seen her laugh while reading all about it? I will use my imagination with her, give her one last surprise.


Although I don’t think she will laugh. And I am sorry...


When he bit me he stole my dearest memories.


Why didn’t he kill me? Why does he keep me?


He says he doesn’t know.


Where must I go to find these answers?


Back, way back, to when someone stole his memories.

Caleb's-Song-by-Kathleen-Gaza FULL SIZE.

The famous rockstar, silenced by grief.


The small town girl, no room for dreams...


When fate intervenes, can they find redemption in each other's arms?

Fling-with-the-Flying-Doctor-final FULL

A cynical doctor. A nurse with a secret. How far would you go for the person you loved?


"Fling With The Flying Doctor" is a contemporary story of romance, recovery, and revelation.


Just a Little Fling is a fun and steamy romance featuring a hot Aussie landscape gardener and a clumsy marketer who loves to craft (and can’t keep plants alive).


Take a trip to Australia in spring and enjoy the view. It’s a lighthearted standalone with no cheating or cliffhangers.


What You Need is a fun and steamy romance featuring a perfectionist in advertising and a laid back Aussie landscape gardener.


It’s a standalone with no cheating or cliffhangers.


This is book two in the Landscape Lovers series but the books can be enjoyed in any order.

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Become a part of the outback – the land, they call home. A land as beautiful as it is harsh. A land which captures the hearts of all those who live on her.


Dr. Andrew Lowman is an Australian Eye Specialist who has a passion for restoring sight to those who would otherwise endure life with poor eyesight or blindness. Medical facilities are not easily accessed in the wide-open spaces and isolation of the outback where the air is hot, flies are plenty and life is tough for those on the land.


A number one best seller on Amazon in February 2019!

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A short story about love, loss and a date of fate.


When something special…something good – or bad – happens to you, note the date. Years later…maybe more, maybe less…on that same date, something else will happen. I’m not saying what. It could be good. It could be bad. But it’ll be something you’ll remember. Note the date. It could be the same day and/or the same month.


And if it is the same day and/or the same month, it is a date of fate.

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Lyndsay Richards is an experienced Park Ranger so, why is she missing in a National Park she knows as well as the back of her hand?

Rick Masters is a Detective, a man who had a huge crush on Lyndsay in high school. A poster showing she is missing brings secret memories flooding back. He is determined to find her.
Does Rick still have feelings for Lyndsay?
Will this be his chance to capture the girl of his dreams?
Lost In Love is a novellette set in a fictional Australian national park.
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Raine didn’t plan to marry Teddy.
His moods turn on a hairpin, he’s hot-headed and easily offended. But he’s the father of her unborn child, and in 1950s Australia being an unwed mother isn’t an option.
Raine believes it just might work, that the troubles and tragedies of the past two years are behind her. Then Teddy abandons her.
Teddy’s childhood mate, Alf, wavers between indignation and hope. Is this his chance? Or do old loyalties run too deep?
A hurting Raine determines to track Teddy down. When she finds him – if she finds him – she’ll understand at last who her true ‘keeper’ is.
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