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Sometimes, destiny can’t be left to chance.  

Three years ago in a hospital in the Snowy Mountains, Alf Hall stood by while the woman he loved re-united with her wayward husband. These days, Raine and Teddy are his best friends, their children call him Uncle Alf. 

Now Alf stands by as his days slip into loveless tedium. 

June Lovell, a nurse, witnessed the anguish in Alf’s eyes. A spark flared between them. But life moved on. Pushed by a near tragedy into searching for a new start, Alf returns to the mountains. He tells himself finding June is not the reason he’s chosen this particular place to be. Which is probably for the best. Because it seems that June has found the man of her dreams.  

Can the stars be made to align this time? Or will life move on again?


What readers are saying: 

"I found myself unable to go to bed until I finished the whole thing."

"Kept me reading well into the night."

"Although I was going to read it slowly, I finished it in one day."

About The Author

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When Cheryl Burman moved to the Forest of Dean in SW England she, like Tolkien and Rowling, was inspired to write.   

She started with middle grade fantasy, discovered a taste for historical fiction, also that short stories and flash can be fun, and now she has moved on to historical fantasy. She likes a challenge and a change.  

As Cheryl Mayo, she is Chair of Dean Writers Circle and a founder of Dean Scribblers, which encourages the creative writing spark in young people in the community.

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