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The Italian Marriage is a love story for the ages, your perfect lighthearted and heartwarming novel filled with the right amount of amore and Italian escapism.

Follow the characters of Matthew, a rich and gorgeous hotel heir seeking a wife to fulfil a bizarre 15th-century Italian clause of inheritance, and Sarah, a free-spirited event manager who's looking for an escape from the emotional and physical toll of her endometriosis. 

Together the pair set out on a whirlwind romance (and an adventure renovating an estate in Umbria) with a fake marriage to last a lifetime.

Jenna Lo Bianco's writing is so vivid and enthralling that you will be transported to the Italian countryside effortlessly. 

Writing from her own experiences with endometriosis, she connects to readers in a beautiful way. Having just undergone a hysterectomy last September, Jenna shows the truth behind this chronic illness that affects so many women and can speak to her experiences, similarly to her character Sarah.

The Italian Marriage is an unmissable rom-com - from the spicy side of the romance, to the endearing and touching side. You won't want to put this one down!

About The Author

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Jenna Lo Bianco is 'The Italian Teacher', a passionate 'Italianist', and also a writer, educator, PhD Candidate and advocate for Italian language education in Australia. 

With nearly sixty publications to her name, Jenna is trusted nationally and internationally to write about all things 'Italian'. She is a Fellow of the International Specialised Skills Institute and Italian Australian Foundation, regular contributor to Segmento magazine and has written and consulted in educational publishing for more than a decade. 

Jenna may appear to live in Melbourne, but her heart and soul are Rome's most permanent residents.

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