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A remote island concealed the perfect murder; one woman must help an Earthbound spirit solve the mystery before the killer comes for her.

After rejecting her boyfriend’s proposal, Elsbeth heals her broken heart by accepting an inheritance from a long-lost relative off the coast of Guernsey.  

She embraces the chance to start over, living in a remote cottage surrounded by gray seals and crystal waters. But this new idyll may not be what it seems when mysterious stranger Bishop threatens to upturn her new life. He is handsome, mystical, and claims to be an angel searching for his bones.  

As Elsbeth and Bishop grow closer, she discovers her island escape is marked by darkness, a double murder haunts the halls. She embarks on a journey to uncover her property’s dark secrets, unravelling a history that may hold the key to Bishop’s fractured past. 

Will Elsbeth sacrifice everything she’s built to unearth the truth? She must confront her own demons and make a heartbreaking decision that will change her life forever.

About The Author

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