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Eve, like many, struggles with her own demons.

As this book takes Eve on her own journey, we are taken along for the ride with her, through themes of social justice and self enlightenment.

With mystery around the corner in each chapter, many will relate to Eve, wanting more revealed as a twist concludes her journey and hooked on wanting to read the sequel.

Praise for Seven Signs -

"Very well written, evoked all my mind reading it. Impressive first book by this Australian author." - Amazon Review

"From the moment I started reading Seven Signs I couldn't put it down. For a first novel its truly amazing. Be ready to be taken along with the main character, Eve, on a roller coaster journey from city to outback Australia!" - Amazon Review

"Seven signs is truly an amazing story of a girl who faces fears and finds her true self again. I loved following along her journey as if i was there. Loved how it was set in Australia and brought in the culture of nomads, farmers and the Aboriginal People. How she sets off in a van to go touring around is something i would like to try one day. Worth reading." - Amazon Review

About The Author

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Cate was brought up on a small farm and as a child, her imagination won her teacher’s attention. It wasn’t until her own life changing moments and a move to the coast though that brought her to the pen and finally publish her poetry and first book.

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