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Ella and Theo’s relationship is young and evolving and so are they. 

Their lives are going mostly to plan until a sudden cancer diagnosis changes everything. Nerves about meeting each other’s parents and living together turn to anxieties about survival. 

Easy becomes hard. 

Hard becomes impossible. 

Their lives cannot remain the same and now every moment is coloured by illness and the challenges that come with it.

They’re faced with the hardest decision: when you feel like you are losing someone you love, do you hold on or do you let go forever?

About The Author

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Jacinta is a neurodivergent and bisexual author and editor based in Melbourne, Victoria.  Her first book, This Is Us Now, was published by Grattan Street Press in 2021. She has also been published in Black Inc.’s Growing Up in Country Australia (2022) anthology edited by Rick Morton and Grattan Street Press’ Intermissions (2022) anthology, curated by Katherine Day. Her unpublished manuscript, The Ringmaster, has been awarded a KSP Fellowship to take place in 2023.

She holds a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Literature from Griffith University.

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