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Lara, an English language teacher, is falling in love with one of her adult Brazilian students. 

At the same time, her long-term relationship with her partner Alex is falling apart. Desperate for some time alone to discover who she really is and what she truly wants, she successfully applies for a six-month job in China.

Alex meanwhile is conflicted, as their mutual friend Sondra makes a play for him soon after Lara's departure. To help him decide the future of their relationship, Alex heads to China for a four-week holiday with Lara. 

During this time exploring the sights and experiencing the different culture together, Alex and Lara's relationship begins to change. 

But will an unexpected element bring them closer together or completely tear them apart?

About The Author

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Verity Croker's writing has taken her to the foothills of the Himalayas, the islands of Fiji, and the bustling streets of New York City. 

Her young adult novels, Jilda's Ark and May Day Mine, are published by Harmony Ink Press, US, and her junior fiction chapter books, Cyclone Christmas and Block City, are published by Sunshine Books, NZ. Hot Pot is her debut adult novel.

Verity also writes newspaper articles, short stories, poetry, and travel articles. She received her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Tasmania, Hobart, while teaching international students there. Verity currently lives in Brisbane, working as a self-employed author.

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