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“I fail to see why you expect me to put up with your acerbic charm? Others of your acquaintance might be inclined to do so, but I, strange creature that I am, will not!” 

When the beautiful Miss April Hartwood arrives in London to be introduced to Regency high society, she hopes for some fun and frivolity after a life spent in rural obscurity in Cornwall. Unfortunately for her, her grandmother has other ideas...marriage. Lively and strong-willed, April does not appreciate being compelled to catch a husband. Yet, before long, she finds herself courting the affections of the Duke of Claredon, while struggling with a wholly inappropriate attraction to the insufferable Mr Royce. 

In the lead up to Christmas, in the year 1820, a delightfully devious campaign is orchestrated to bring together two people destined for one another, regardless of the obstacles to be overcome and the inconvenient tendency on the part of the protagonists to resist their attraction...until they are finally brought to realise they cannot escape fate, or the meddling of one determined grandmother! 

"Best Regency romance book I have read in years." - K. E. Timbreza 
"Aphrodite is an enthralling Regency romp full of endearing and meddlesome characters, a stubborn hero and heroine, and hilariously entertaining mix-ups and tangles!" - Austenesque Reviews 
Truly witty, delightful characters....The author has mastered the art of satire with a heart." - Dragonlady
Jane Austen, Regency Romance, Bridgerton, Dukes, Historical Romance, Georgette Heyer

About The Author

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Bestselling author DG Rampton loves to create feel-good romantic comedy, featuring intelligent heroines, dashing men and sparkling banter. An engineer by training but a romantic by nature, she left behind her corporate career to follow the call of her artistic inclinations and write stories that bring joy and laughter into people's lives. 

She has a penchant for gastro-dining, French comedy and theoretical physics, and when not immersed in the fictional worlds she creates has been known to dabble in extreme property makeovers that send her family batty. 

After being honoured with an interview on ABC radio’s Nightlife show, to delve into the ins and outs of being a romance author, she ended up having so much fun that “radio jockey” is now on her career wish-list.

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