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'.... a unique and emotionally charged historical romance novel'

In 1950 Australia, Raine believes her unplanned marriage to the volatile Teddy is working out fine. They have their own place, humble though it is. Their baby thrives.

But when Teddy abandons his young family, a grieving and furious Raine faces hard choices – made harder when she discovers she’s bearing their second child.

Are the words of the telegram the real reason behind Teddy’s desertion?

Was there ever a future for them, or had his harridan mother been right all along?

And what about the faithful, devoted Alf? He’s always looked out for Raine. He’d love to do so forever.

With her baby nearly due, Raine sets out on a punishing journey to face the truth. And make the most important decision of her life.

What readers say

‘…women's fiction at its best. I was kept guessing till the end. I loved every bit of this book.

‘When a seemingly perverse choice is made, the repercussions of that slowly evolve and the consequences leave the reader gasping. Each time. Right to the end.’

‘Everything seemed REAL: the immigrant camp environment, the problems prevalent in early 1950s, and especially the relationship problems. Ordinary people's problems, that you and I might have.’

About The Author

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Cheryl Burman grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, went to university in Canberra and lived and worked in Melbourne for many years  before moving her young family to Switzerland for her work. Somehow, she ended up in the Forest of Dean, UK which is where she now lives. 

The Forest inspired her to write, as it has inspired many before her, including Tolkien. She is the author of the fantasy trilogy, Guardians of the Forest, and of Keepers, an historical women’s fiction novel set in Australia in the 1950s. 

Her flash fiction, short stories and bits of her novels have won various prizes and long/short listings. including being long listed for the prestigious UK Historical Writers Short Story Award 2020. Her latest project is set against the backdrop of the Forest and the River Severn, and is a magical realism novel about a young farm girl who talks to the river, which she knows as Sabrina, goddess.  

Cheryl is married with two grown children and a border collie, Sammy (who is also an author).   

Visit her at - (where you can also sign up for her newsletter)

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