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“I think the women of your acquaintance have done you a great disservice by allowing you to continue in your deceit. Perhaps next time you meet a lady you will not be so quick to think she is only interested in fortune and matrimony!” 

Miss Aurora Wesley is a lady who never allows a seemingly insurmountable problem to overwhelm her. Blessed with irrepressible optimism and ingenuity, she knows how to set about achieving her goals without the burden of excessive scruples. Whether it is establishing a brother to his rightful place in society, rescuing a young heiress from the clutches of her guardian, or match-making for a reticent spinster, Aurora has her hands full sorting out other people’s lives, with little thought for her own. 

Until, after one extraordinary encounter, she discovers an overmastering desire to amuse herself by provoking the formidable Duke of Rothworth and turning his well-ordered, respectable existence on its head. 

What readers are saying about AURORA: 
"Rollicking Regency romp!" 
"Such verbally exquisite fun!" 
"Loved it from beginning to end!" 
"I’m sure Jane and Georgette would approve :) " 
"This book has to be one of my all time favorites." 
"I've found my new Queen of the Regency Romance Novel." 
"A galloping and enjoyable read, with strong and amusing characters abounding." 
"After you finish with Georgette Heyer, do not despair, DG Rampton is there to offer consolation."
Jane Austen, Regency Romance, Bridgerton, Historical Romance

About The Author

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Bestselling author DG Rampton loves to create feel-good romantic comedy, featuring intelligent heroines, dashing men and sparkling banter. An engineer by training but a romantic by nature, she left behind her corporate career to follow the call of her artistic inclinations and write stories that bring joy and laughter into people's lives. 

She has a penchant for gastro-dining, French comedy and theoretical physics, and when not immersed in the fictional worlds she creates has been known to dabble in extreme property makeovers that send her family batty. 

After being honoured with an interview on ABC radio’s Nightlife show, to delve into the ins and outs of being a romance author, she ended up having so much fun that “radio jockey” is now on her career wish-list.

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