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Three years ago, rogue council member Celeana Maar massacred all the students at the Witches Academy and left Ellemar Vancel for dead.


Now, still haunted by that day, Ellemar seeks to track Celeana down and settle the score. But her mission is nearly halted before it even begins because the Council of Witches prohibits members from killing, even if justified.
Given the gravity of Celeana's crime, the Council bends this rule and approves Ellemar's mission. Searching for Celeana takes Ellemar to a royal ship, a Forgotten Forest, and a secret island. Along the journey, she begins hearing stories that suggest Celeana’s horrendous act may actually have been justified. Is Ellemar chasing the wrong enemy? Has the Council been harboring secrets from its members?


Getting the answers right is critical. The peace of the entire kingdom is at stake.


A shadow is spreading across the land. Fear will be your downfall.


When the Prefects of Redmondis discover that their quick minds and quicker fingers hide secret potential, young thieves Wilt and Higgs find themselves unwilling recruits. Wilt’s ability to sink into others’ thoughts, knowing what action they will take before they do, is both a prized and dangerous gift.
The Nine Sisters of Redmondis have sensed a growing threat, and search for the one who can control the power of the blood within the stone. But even their sinister plots are nothing compared to the force that controls them.


As Wilt and Higgs rally their newfound weapons, they discover that the threat to their lives, and their reality, is much greater than they realise.


Future and past entwined. Despite the victory over Cantor Cortis, the dark power still spreads.


Nightmare creatures are wiping out villages all along the southern edge of the wild Tangle forest, causing a stream of refugees to flow into the capital of Sontair in the hope of finding protection. All who helped overthrow the Nine Sisters of Redmondis have been touched by what they experienced and those they lost.
Dark visions sap Petron and Daemi’s strength even as they try to heal the rifts within Redmondis and forge a new path for the wielders, crafters, and guards who make up its three main schools.
Wilt must enter the Tangle to seek out the source of the power that calls to him. Visions of the past seen through other eyes haunt his days, and he finds it harder and harder to resist the pull of his wraith form.


The Guardian is old and weak, and the Tangle is no longer secure…

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Will is sixteen year old Lucy’s best friend. Their lives intersect in dreams, where destiny pulls them together through different times in history.


Even though their meetings are more real to Lucy than the present, Lucy is uncertain if Will exists outside her mind. Lucy’s mum thinks there is something wrong when Lucy sleeps for days at a time. She is so caught up with finding a cure she doesn’t see the real problem.
Lucy is bullied at school and is thinking of ending her life. When the bullying goes too far and Lucy ends up in a coma, only Will can reach her.


But how do you live when the only person who can save you doesn’t exist?




Beware! Something is after Tracey Masters, a Mage-kind teen in a mostly non-magical world—a world where people like Tracey are often feared, and oppressed. Add to this stress a crazy family life, the schizo pressures of school, friends, and bullies, and working a boring job as an assistant at her uncle’s detective agency for magical types, and life isn’t just hard, it’s chaos!
That is, until a mysterious woman walks through the door with a case about a missing necklace known as the Butterfly Stone.


The magic within the Butterfly Stone is too powerful to be contained, but if Tracey doesn’t learn how to control it, and escape the threat of the shadow that surrounds it, she could lose everything and everyone she cares about … beginning with her younger sister, Sarah.

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Tracey Masters is ready to train harder, dig deeper, and get more in touch with the magic that is pulsing inside of her. She has faced the threat of the shadow, and it nearly consumed her.
With the help of her family and close friends, Tracey overcame the darkness and now realizes just how hard being a Mage-kind teenager really is. She won't be caught off-guard again. Clawing at the edges of her mind—of her memories—she senses a new evil encroaching.
As Tracey sets off in search of the other Stones of Power, she continues to wrestle with questions about her past. Racing to discover who she really is, Tracey must decide how far she is willing to go to protect her family and friends.


What cost—what sacrifice—is she willing to pay in order to find herself, locate the other stones, and break an ancient curse that is destroying generations of family history?

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Troll eradication may not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, she’s prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting. And maybe a stray love potion while she’s at it.


Without a decent payday in months, she's close to calling it quits, and if she doesn’t come through, her reputation — and the prospect of more customers — will be ruined. Between an insolent spell book, an old friend too sick to run her favorite tavern and a new guy in town who is the object of every maiden’s desire, Gretchen scrambles to keep everyone happy. A potion cocktail has unintended side effects with massive ramifications and Gretchen has no idea how she did it.


If she doesn’t fix it, she’ll be forced to hang up her witches hat and serve drinks for the rest of her days.

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Hey guys, I’m Kat Crowe, and I wanna tell you about the time I spent in California which ended abruptly when someone was murdered in my store.


Maybe moving out west from Arkansas wasn’t the best move. But before everything went south, I had a lot of fun tending my magical plants and catching some waves in my spare time. I never imagined things could go so wrong.


Or that I’d find myself caught up in a mystery where everyone was a suspect...


17-year-old, Cassie never wanted to participate in the reality tele-program.


She’d rather be making animal documentaries than be courted by three princes from rival planets all with their own agendas. But when Cassie’s crush, zoological researcher, Dennian tricks his way into the competition, she may not need her back-up escape plan.


Dennian is used to keeping quiet, but as the competition takes a dangerous turn and contestants are forced to face their greatest fears, the secrets that have kept him alive are revealed, but why is Dennian afraid of the Keeper?


When the elemental powers of the seven nations come under threat Mai and Long are selected for an adventure.


They soon discover Akra, the Starchild, and alongside him, they battle the elements of nature, deadly creatures and the risk of starvation. The journey takes them far away from their appointed task.


A meeting with an earthfollower sets them on a new path where they must all find the strength to face a terrifying foe: a dementra from the underworld.


With a new addition to their journey, a young sealer boy, Mai, Long and Akra return to their chosen adventure.


The children quickly find themselves in a fight for their freedom. Their escape takes them to the land of Naroan. Now, the children are challenged with unravelling the mystery of the Silvershade.


This sets Long on a path to face the deadly power of the dark pebble from the underworld.


After escaping the attacking forces, Mai, Akra, Kalin must find a way to purge the evil that has consumed Long.


News of the underworld king is spreading, gloom and fear begins to sweep over the lands. The children’s future is once again full of danger as they travel over the harsh and unforgiving land of ice to healing stone.


But will they make it in time to save Long?

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With a treacherous ice journey behind them and Long's health restored, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now find the falcon guard called Tupuck.


He is the only one who has the answers Akra now seeks.


Without knowing, the children enter the firerulers’ city right on the brink of a terrible civil war, spurred by slavery and fuelled by sorcery.

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Risha is the first successful child to be born with her father's memories.


To avoid an alliance with a brutal warlord, she enters the virtual-reality game to seek help from the first warlord who resides at Castle One.


The Castle is a stand-alone story that fits into the Suri Series.


A cosmic rift. A looming cataclysm. Can women bound in prophecy fulfil their destinies and save their worlds?

Melbourne, Australia 2320. Middle-aged manager Ali toils in obscurity under the Federation’s protective eco-dome. But when her fingers start glowing, memories vanish, and the voice of a snarky dragon echoes in her head, her boring existence turns upside down. Plagued by visions of a strange girl from another realm, Ali’s mind bends and nearly breaks after a shocking attempt on her life.

Buy OCHRE DRAGON and fly into a fiery apocalypse today!

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Rawk is one of the great Heroes. He has travelled the world for forty years, hunting exotic creatures, battling magic and fighting evil wherever he found it.

But he has been fighting mostly mundane battles since Prince Weaver outlawed magic. And with no great deeds left to be done, Rawk is afraid he’ll soon be the old man in the corner of the tavern, dreaming of the good old days and telling tales for anyone who will buy him a drink. But when a huge wolden wolf is spied from the walls of Katamood for the first time in a decade, Rawk is the man the city looks to once more. He’ll save them. He always has.

Rawk will fight to ensure the Age of Heroes doesn’t slip away into history, but what if the good old days aren’t quite as good as he remembers?

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In the steppes of High Asia, the year 1166…

‘What is a Mongol? – As free as the geese in the air, as in unison. The flights of the geese promise us we don’t give up independence, to unite.’


The hundred tribes of the Mongols have come together with one aim, to push back against the walls that have crept onto the steppe – farther than China has ever extended its walls before. Walls are repugnant to a nomad. But can people on horses push them down, even with a united effort?


This story begins when nobody has heard of Mongols – not even most Chinese, who think the vast Northern Waste at its weakest and are right. A spectacular history starts obscurely… Against Walls is the first in a trilogy that gives voice to the Mongols in their explosive encounter with the great world under Tchingis Khan.


Both epic and intimate, Amgalant sees the world through Mongol eyes. It’s different from the world you know.


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In the steppes of High Asia, the year 1188…


Jamuqa rode his trophy mare, off-white, black-pointed, on a Tartar seat, high arches of ornamental silver fore and aft. He wore a winterfur of snow leopard, near white with black whorls. The effect was kingly and fantastic: he might be Irle Khan himself, the king of ghosts, in his eerie splendour. 


The steppe has been without a great khan for three hundred years – fragmented in the face of giant China. Are dreams and omens enough to unify its peoples? What makes a true king?


The Dark Lord Iminus Kaw’s war against the Bond of Seven Kings has been burning for decades.


His champion, Lord Cryacur, known throughout the galaxy as the Black Ash Prince, has led an offensive designed to surround the Bond and destroy it. The planet Ophistar lies in his path. Prince Metora, hero of the Bond, has organised a defence of Ophistar. There, he encounters Lorian Shane, a member of the exiled Merenmere warrior class and together they travel with his droid Nepta and his brother Dez, to the city of Myr Edele.


They defend the city against Axis attacks and install a shield to protect it against any further attack.

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Lithia is a witch and possesses the natural inhuman strength, healing ability, and long lifespan that all witches have.


Ronan, her lover, is a human royal guard and a former witch hunter. Together they travel the kingdom, hired by cities and villages to eliminate the creatures that prey on their citizens. While defending a town against an attack, the humans inexplicably turn on them. When the battle is over, no human is left alive. Word of the bloodbath spreads, and enraged humans blame the witches for the deaths. On the run and desperate for answers, every place they stop has new tales of similar massacres across the land. They discover a group of Naguals, hideous shape-shifting brutes, are behind the humans’ attacks on witches.



A race against time begins as Lithia and Ronan hunt the Naguals while being chased by the very humans they are trying to save. If they don’t stop the Naguals, both humans and witches will be at their mercy and the world as they know it will be over.

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Lithia is hunted by evil King Noran, a madman obsessed with acquiring the longevity, healing powers, and inhuman strength of witches.


Royal guard and former witch hunter Ronan, framed for killing Noran's predecessor, escapes the palace before Noran can silence him. A chance meeting with Lithia sees him join forces with the witch and devise a plan to assassinate the malevolent King.



Traveling across the kingdom, recruiting others to their cause, the secrets Ronan and Lithia hide threaten to destroy not only themselves, but to bring Terom to its knees at the feet of King Noran and his diabolical desire to rule over the witches.

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A young foundling is abused by the castle's lord. She runs away only to be found by a wizard. Taken into sanctuary she is taught how to love life again, and with the help of the wizard she grows beyond her pain.


Her newly-discovered green magic could save this land from destruction. If only she can evade capture long enough to learn how to wield it.


Sara Martin believes she’s put her troubled past behind her and found contentment tending gardens in a small Australian town. But when she’s inexplicably swept away to a land being ravaged by an ecological disaster, she discovers a power within herself she never suspected.


Unfortunately, the penalty for using Greenhaelan magic in Algarth is death.


It’s a place no one forgets. Except for Josh Taylor.


The fatal car crash took more than 17-year-old Josh’s parents. It stole his memories and returned him to Blackbirch, a tourist town steeped in a history of witchcraft.


To restore his memories and find the true cause of his parents’ death, Josh Taylor must learn what's real, what’s a nightmare, and what secrets his home town of Blackbirch has buried in its woods.‬


Now that the origins of his power have been revealed, Josh Taylor’s search for answers continues with the arrival of Kallie—a girl running from her own secrets.


She shows Josh how to use his gift in ways he didn’t know were possible, but as they push the limits of their abilities, they discover there are consequences to messing with magic.


Corruption is a disease with no cure that ends with a rapid descent into madness and violence.

And until now it only targeted mages. When an infected warden shows up challenging everything Margot thought she knew she is thrown into the chase to find the impossible cure.


But to understand this new revelation she needs someone who knows possession ... She needs Nea and lucky for Margot, her warden friend Garret has been tasked with tracking the rogue necromancer down.


Garret is used to dealing with dangerous mages so this should be like any other job: find the mage and deliver her to the king. But from the moment he finds Nea he is dragged into a deadly game of dark secrets and brutal machinations.


Now he must make a choice - deliver Nea as promised and place a weapon in the hands of a mad man or deny his king and change the lives of wardens and mages forever.

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Myna’s a selkie, though she doesn’t know it.


With her firstborn pronounced dead and taken before Myna can see her, it takes the birth of a second daughter, years later, to begin to mend Myna’s broken heart.
But then her firstborn returns, and shares the truth about Myna’s past.


Myna has a choice - retrieve her skin and return to the ocean to the family she never knew and the daughter she's long grieved for, or remain on land with the husband she loves, and the daughter who can never enter the sea.

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Four-and-twenty extraordinary women - one chance to save a kingdom. What would you sacrifice to save your family, your loved ones, yourself?


In September 1486, the reign of King Henry VII of England is again threatened by York loyalists. The only thing standing in the way is a four-hundred-year-old sidhe who just wants to be left alone, and a group of London women with a lot to lose if England is plunged back into war.
But, in 1486, women have no power. Only the ability to make difficult choices and sometimes-heartbreaking sacrifices.


Become immersed in the fascinating, perilous lives of these women, as told through the medium of 25 interwoven short stories. much.

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In early 2020 much of the world went into Lockdown as a means of dealing with Covid-19. This created a new situation for many people - separated by distance; connected by ideas and relationships, new and old.


Written during the first wave of the virus, this eclectic anthology documents the early days of Corona, and how we began to negotiate the strange new force that took over our lives.

With a broad range of characters, experiences and reactions, everyone will find something to relate to in "Life in the Time of Corona."

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Monsters and Creatures delves into the legends of some of the worlds best known and most bizarre beasts and ghastly creations, revealing the facts and the fictions.


Explore the real-life origins of some of the strangest creatures ever encountered in the murky depths, in enchanted forests and even one or two who could be lurking under your bed. Discover the real werewolves of medieval Europe, glimpse the magical history of the famed unicorn and encounter the terrifying bloodsucking dogs of Mexico.
All these and more are found within the pages of Monsters and Creatures. More than a bestiary, this carefully researched book documents the mythologies, sightings and origins of over 100 weird and wonderful beasties from every continent and every time period, including modern monsters stalking us today.
All of these creatures have inspired films, books, scientific research, poems and music, as well as our collective dreams and nightmares.


Its time to come meet them and find out the amazing true stories behind these legendary mythical beasts.

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Trapped and alone in a world she doesn't understand...


Etani is forced into a desperate situation of survival where escape is impossible, and those who wish to see her dead are closing in.


Ferris wakes on the Sea Queen, an enchanted cruise ship sailing on a chocolate sea.


He has no idea how he got here, but he desperately wants to go home to his boyfriend. The alchemist is the only person who can help Ferris, but he’s been kidnapped.
The ransom is high tea with scones and jam. Meanwhile, the passengers are gearing up for the Winter Masquerade, a ball where love and magic reign.


With a murderous musician, an absent boyfriend, and a mystical party, Ferris soon learns that Wednesday is not the day to fall in love.

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The odds are stacked against Emma.


Fatherless and poor in a remote village where men, money and faith determine everything, her only hope for a decent life is to marry before her eighteenth birthday. Though her prospects aren’t good and her options aren’t appealing, to live as an unmarried woman is a life sentence of silence and solitude.
Emma has to make a match. But when a beautiful, antlered boy appears in her dreams and tempts her to join him in the forbidden woods, another path opens to her.
Finally, after a life devoid of possibilities, Emma has a choice to make - to run from her future, or fight for it.
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With a special gift held close to her heart, it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life. As a 20 year old nursing grad, she thought she had her future all sorted.
However, destiny was about to intervene. Her secret was not so secret. The gift she possessed was just a hint of something far beyond her wildest imagination.
Sophia will be pulled, kicking and screaming, into an unseen, ancient world that challenges all that she thought to be true of herself, her family and the origins of humanity. Original sin, forbidden love and her life in constant danger.


Will Sophia survive this dark twist of fate? Will the devil be her saviour? Will an Angel be her downfall?


A disgraced assassin. A sinister plot. Will her one shot at redemption send her to the grave?


Dhani Karim is furious. Wrongfully expelled from the Imperial Assassins, the snarky killer is forced into a lowly unranked position in a remote desert colony, working with a guy who’s clearly damaged goods. And when they barely survive an attack on what should have been a routine assignment, she fears clearing her name could cost her life.
Struggling to navigate a land where she’s the only person who can’t wield magic, things get worse when she receives a death threat and her unwanted partner vanishes. But when the clues lead to a violent cult, Dhani finds herself in a race against time to stop a bloodbath that will consume thousands of innocent lives.
Can she expose a deadly conspiracy before it causes a massacre?
City of Whispers is the thrilling first book in the Imperial Assassin fantasy adventure series.


If you like kickass heroines, high-octane action, and off-the-charts snark, then you’ll love Katt Powers’ gritty tale. Buy City of Whispers for a pulse-pounding page-turner today!


In a land on the edge of all that is known dwells Princess Winterhued, erudite, beautiful, broken-hearted.


The heir to her father's kingdom and raised to be queen, she is troubled by terrifying dreams and now finds the half-demented king turning against her. Slimy sycophants whisper in his ear, persuading him that a 'mere woman' is incapable of ruling, and now he ogles the princess's ladies-in-waiting and boasts of begetting a male heir.
But Winterhued's fears become as naught when a vast and ancient being comes flying on dread wings to lay siege to Castle Lawhill. Trailing fear and slaughter, it traps Winterhued and her people within the broken walls.
The princess strives to save her subjects, but it seems the only one courageous enough to help her is the lowliest servant-boy in the castle. Yet from the east, riding across wraith-haunted Iron Crag, comes a nameless knight, exiled and condemned, and a horned creature follows him, silent as moonlight.


An evocative high fantasy set in a medieval world that feels real, tangible, yet woven in myth.

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How far would you go to change your past?


The Guardians are the protectors of Aloseria. They are the keepers of the peace and they have a unique ability-they can turn into dragons. Derek Draco is one of them.
Haunted by the memories of his past, Derek comes across a piece of a mythical amulet, said to hold the power to grant wishes once all three pieces are brought together. Seeing an opportunity to right the wrongs of his past, Derek sets out on a journey to find the rest of the amulet, along with his friends, Jared and Arabelle.
However, they are not the only ones in search of the amulet and this quest will bring Derek and his friends face-to-face with one of the most dangerous men in all of Aloseria. And that is not all they have to worry about.
Unaware of the true power of the amulet, Derek does not realise that using it to fulfil his seemingly innocent wish could have disastrous consequences.


Amulet of Wishes is a Young Adult fantasy novel and the first installment in the Chronicles of the Guardians series. It is set to be released on the 28th of April 2021 and is available now for pre-order.


Rome 100AD, Lucius Barca a 13yo boy and his three best friends are inseparable and live within a stones throw of greatest city in empire - Rome.


One fateful night, Lucius’ and his friends world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon the empires most famous gladiator - wounded and near death. Lucius saves the gladiator and takes him home knowing it could mean certain death to him and his family.
Lucius and his friends make a pact to protect the gladiator and keep him hidden from the authorities. Lucius and friends, with help of the gladiator, unravel a sinister plot within the royal palace to overthrow the emperor and change the course of history.


Can Lucius and his friends discover who is responsible for the sinister plot? Lucius and friends risk their lives to break into the emperor’s palace and save the emperor and his daughter.

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