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In the steppes of High Asia, the 1188...

Jamuqa rode his trophy mare, off-white, black-pointed, on a Tartar seat, high arches of ornamental silver fore and aft. He wore a winterfur of snow leopard, near white with black whorls. The effect was kingly and fantastic: he might be Irle Khan himself, the king of ghosts, in his eery splendour.’

Aged twenty, Temujin has been named Tchingis, khan over the Mongols. But only a third of his people accept a kingship based on dreams and omens. His own sworn brother Jamuqa challenges his title, and comes in the guise of a mock king against him. The steppe has been without a great khan for three hundred years – fragmented in the face of giant China.

Are dreams and omens enough to unify its peoples? What makes a true king? Imaginary Kings is the second in a trilogy that gives voice to the Mongols in their explosive encounter with the great world under Tchingis Khan.

Both epic and intimate, Amgalant sees the world through Mongol eyes. It’s different from the world you know. ‘Amgalant brings to life a complex, remote society with amazing immediacy’.

Praise for Imaginary Kings -

"A gripping sequel to the first volume of the trilogy, in which the fate of Tchingis Khan continues its extraordinary course. The tale you expect of a conqueror—his unification of the Mongols (and thus the enormous entirety of the steppes) by dint of martial talent, native wit and bloodshed—is here well and intricately told." - Amazon Review

"Jamuqa and his journey outshined everybody else for me. Looking forward to more." - Amazon Review

About The Author

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Bryn Hammond has written some astonishingly good historical novels. Her Amgalant series brings to life the twelfth-century Steppe as no scholarly history could hope to do. Yet Hammond has immersed herself in her sources; her books are born of painstaking research and breathe a discipline of imagination rarely encountered in historical fiction.

Bryn lives in Ulladulla, New South Wales, Australia.

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