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This anthology of short stories shares the experiences, dreams and fevered-creations of writers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Morocco, who have been living in Lockdown.

The stories are presented in all manner of formats – fictional narrative, biography, sci-fi hypothetical, historical fiction, poetry – and cover a wide variety of personal and social subjects. Limited only by the writers’ imaginations and a link to this Time of Coronavirus.

 Mel Hall writes of the characters - loneliness and contentment – who co-exist in isolation, and how they share their self-enclosed world with a shaggy intruder.

Naomi Shippen, in several short works, observes the fundamental changes in her life, and to the world she sees around her.

Min Chow writes of the struggles of maintaining life and familial bonds, through the eyes of a child.

Steve Matthewman presents ‘John’, an American tech billionaire who can see the writing on the wall in the US and retreats to a bunker in countryside New Zealand.

Banzahra Mustapha takes us into the life of Mohamed, a Moroccan worker, who makes a generous donation of his own.

Christopher Alan Smith makes comparisons with another plague that comes to the shores of Iceland in centuries past.

Rosie Abbott shares with us the joys and tribulations of her time in Lockdown, showing the importance of friends, wine and her cat.

Anne-Maire Smith highlights the technological adaption we all must make, as she ventures into the online world.

C. Hounsell writes of the loneliest whale in the World, and how it struggles to find someone to hear its song in the Ocean.

K. Rarahuri remembers her mum from a time of grief and passing.

Lynn Raynor focuses on the life-and-death decision made by a waiting swordsman in the forest, as he contemplates the future.

Jahin Tanvir’s character remembers a journey taken in the past, and a gift shared and treasured in social-isolation.

E.L Borba presents Marvin, an uber-driver in South Auckland NZ, who needs five stars on his review.

Olivia G. shares the uneasiness and fear that intrudes into the bonds of community and neighborhood.

Julia Gurry (and Mother Nature) take the reader on a poetical/musical trip through 2020, chock-full of pop-culture and political references.

An amazing collection of stories, fascinating in their breadth and depth. Please join us in appreciating the work and imagination of these writers!

About The Author

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Featuring sixteen stunning authors, Life In The Time Of Coronavirus is both a reflection and celebration of the human spirit.

"An interesting collection of short stories and personal essays touching on the common theme of the coronavirus pandemic." - Amazon Review.

"Some stories do the theme justice and immortalize current times on the page, others add an imaginative twist that focuses on an alternative story or future take on the virus, and some barely touch on the topic, going in a different direction entirely!" - Amazon Review.

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