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Born into a world where humanity has been corrupted by evil, can one tribal girl fulfil a prophecy and defeat a dark goddess?  

Ake’s peace is fragile. Trying to carve out an existence in a land torn by strife and famine, her destiny has made her the target of terrible creatures. And as her divine nemesis’s power grows ever stronger, the young mage knows she must awaken her own otherworldly heritage if she wants to survive.  

Enduring endless hardships with aid from her soulmate, Ake bravely battles the forces attempting to tear them apart. 

But being fated to save the world and actually doing it are two very different things…

About The Author

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Nadine has been an avid reader and writer since her early childhood, from publishing poems to creating her first novel at thirteen, The Primal Heartbeat, and publishing it in her early adulthood. The Primal Heartbeat has since been edited and updated. 

Nadine is an avid gamer and role-player, as well as creator of fiction and fantasy novels. She also loves archery and nature.  

After dealing with adversity and overcoming it, Nadine writes books that show even powerful characters are inherently flawed. That these weaknesses can often become our strengths as long as we remain true to ourselves. Nadine’s writing reflects on the dark side of humanity as well as the good side and how, even though we think we are worthless, we can change our destiny, just as her memorable characters do.

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