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A cosmic rift. A looming cataclysm. Can women bound in prophecy fulfil their destinies and save their worlds?

Melbourne, Australia 2320. Middle-aged manager Ali toils in obscurity under the Federation’s protective eco-dome. But when her fingers start glowing, memories vanish, and the voice of a snarky dragon echoes in her head, her boring existence turns upside down. Plagued by visions of a strange girl from another realm, Ali’s mind bends and nearly breaks after a shocking attempt on her life.

Heaven’s Gate. Merindah refuses to sit back and watch her world die. Convinced the key to saving the doomed planet lies within the Temple Portal, she puts her meagre magic to work, trying to unlock its secret. When a goddess offers to help, she gladly bargains with her body and soul.

Betrayed at every turn as evil forces race to stop them, the women must put their faith in their burgeoning powers and guardian dragons. As the apocalypse approaches, their fates reach across time and space to bind them together in a fragile alliance that could save or destroy the cosmos.

Can each heroine rise to save her universe before a mad goddess unleashes Armageddon?

Ochre Dragon is the spellbinding first book in The Opal Dreaming Chronicles high fantasy, dystopian sci-fi, hope-punk mashup.

If you like complex characters, epic landscapes, and mind-bending mysteries, then you’ll love V.E. Patton’s multi-layered tale.

Praise for Ochre Dragon -

"Ochre Dragon is a stunning, genre-bending work of the imagination the effortlessly engages both mind and heart. From the almost mythological prologue to the pulse-racing conclusion, this is a glorious, multi-faceted gem of a book" - Lyn Webster.

"It is both dystopian and uplifting, scientific yet magical, but most important of all it is a world you may never want to leave. If you haven't read Veronica's work before, welcome to something truly special..." - Darren Kasenkow, author of The Hallucigenia Project, See the City Red, Dust and Devils, and The Apocalypse Show.

"My favourite books are intelligent and entertaining, with complex characters, fantastic settings and gripping storylines. Ochre Dragon ticked off all those requirements and more." - Jacqui Burgess

About The Author

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V.E. Patton spent as much of her childhood as she could lost in a good book. She spent most of her adult life lost in a good job as a nurse, midwife, CEO, coach, and facilitator (amongst other things). After years of encouraging her children and clients to follow their dreams, she finally got around to remembering what she wanted to be when she grew up – so she began writing fiction.

Ochre Dragon: The Opal Dreaming Chronicles Book 1” was her first fantasy (in a book). She hopes you get lost in it. V. E. is currently completing “Soul Staff: The Opal Dreaming Chronicles Book 2”, which is due for release in mid 2021.

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